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Live Free And MUSH!

Live Free And MUSH!
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

To Points-Unknown..... Off They Go!

I feel quite spoiled to have seen Linda twice in such a short space of time, but it was a long time in the making after years of friendship, finally, we get to be together not just once.... but twice! Along with Linda came Neil, her fiance who is just adorable and a great match for Linda and her life with dogs and along with them came Hailey, who is a close friend of their's and just super with dogs.

Due to really cold temperatures it wasn't possible to fly the pups to MN as originally planned but instead, Neil.... being the wonderful person that he is, drove there and back over a period of 4 days taking the two pups with him on his return journey. A very long way to travel in a short space of time so what a gem he is to do that! It was just lovely having a house full despite my visit to the ER due to a chronic cough and body pains which turned out to be Bronchitis... what a tough few days for me at a time when I just wanted to do so much with my friends. Still, we made the most of it and the important thing was to simply be together and we were!

We had a great visit with Caroline and Andy, spending a little time in the dogyard with their equally lovely doggies. Big thanks to Kim and Kelly for hanging out with us all and making our time together even more special. I know Hailey really enjoyed running dogs with you, that was a real treat and as I wasn't able to get my dogs out due to being sick, we really appreciated you guys stepping in and doing that for her.

Well, I'm still coughing up my insides here and just hoping to be well enough to be back on the runners and out in the fresh air! MISS you all !!!!