UKTOUSA and The Valley Snow Dogz


At Valley Snow Dogz, we offer Fall Wheeled Sled Dog Rides, along with Winter Sled Tours.

An authentic, memorable sled dog experience based right in the heart of The White Mountains. Please call 603-340-2390 for more information. Valley Snow Dogz....Creating memories for families, groups and anyone who has a burning desire to experience a sled dog adventure and learn about our dedicated life with our furry families

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Live Free And MUSH!

Live Free And MUSH!
Valley Snow Dogz Kidz Event at Loon Mountain Resort

Guardian of the Furry Angels

I couldn't imagine a day without the companionship and friendship of my dogs.

I've seen my kennel grow from my first love, Sasquatch.. a large and handsome Alaskan Malamute to what it is today, a kennel of 22 dogs.  A mix of Alaskan Huskies including Hedlund Huskies
As a family, we are pretty devoted to one another.

I rarely take any time away from them other than when I am working during the day and on those rare days when I am either away for a day or two with friends, at a workshop or a race. 
Then I hand over the caretaking to Richard who does a pretty good job of standing in my shoes and caring for them.  They love him and he loves each one of them.
I'm so grateful to have a very supportive husband as life with animals is pretty much 24/7.

Originally a city gal from the UK, now I'm a 'bush' woman, okay... perhaps not in the true meaning of the word (though some days I really look like I could use a good shower!), but when I compare my life now to my urban city living ..... I feel like that was in a past life. 
This is my home, this is my life.

When I'm not with the dogs, I work as a Personal Trainer and as a Lightworker (Reiki Master).
Both professions involve energy therefore, my cumulative name for the work I do could be
Energy Worker.
And then there's my art....

I've worked in the weight room for over 30 years and I've used a paintbrush for well over 40 years.
Working with animals is really just an extension of all of this.
It's what makes me whole and I see my work as 'one'.