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Live Free And MUSH!

Live Free And MUSH!
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Puppy Update

It would seem that several of the puppies may have blue eyes. How exciting! There are a couple of distant relatives with blue eyes, but most typically, Hedlunds have brown eyes. It will be amazing to see these pups as big adults with blue eyes, especially the boys if they end up as big as their papa at 75lb- 80lb. "Honey" is thriving after a scary start to her little life. We were so determined not to lose her and again, with many thanks to our dear friends, Kim and Kelly Berg, for helping save her. She is full of energy, very playful and attentive. Honey is quite assertive and is usually the first to try something new. She is a very smart pup. Grayvy is really quite similar to Honey in personality and in looks. Both girls are so pretty. Grayvy has a very unique look about her and like Honey, is so attentive and interacts well. Fruitcake and Pear are very mellow girlies who tend to let Honey and Grayvy steal the show, however, these two cuties are not just stunning and so sweet, but becoming very affectionate and cuddly. Fruitcake is coming out of her little shell and is very fun to play with. Pear is beautiful with her silver/blue-gray coat and contrasting white markings. She is a very big girl. TJ continues to be 'one on his own'... loves to play and interact but also quite happy doing his own thing. He has a huge silver/blue-gray coat, now lighter in color than Pear's. He has the sweetest face and was the biggest puppy but now perhaps, he is lighter than Pepper and Pear. TJ is such a gorgeous looking puppy and loves to wriggle and roll about rather than lie still for a belly rub. Pepper is huge and so pretty like Honey and Grayvy. He is very quiet, very okay with his own company, but most recently, he is becoming so very loving and snuggly. He is just gorgeous to look at. Then there is Wishbone... sent from heaven, he is a sweet sweet little boy that captures the attention of anyone who meets him. An old spirit and a special little boy.

They all have great coats and are a little different than each other's. TJ has the thickest and maybe the longest followed by Pear. Honey, Grayvy and Pepper look similar in color and markings to the Daisy/Nellie litter that Kim Fitzgerald from mush Knik bred 3 years ago. Fruitcake is inbetween them all in looks and coat color, another good sized female though. Wishbone looks like Rosie's brother Phoenix when he was a puppy and has a shorter more buff colored coat with a white bar and mask and wonderful eye markings.

Honey was first in the food bowl whilst Wishbone was the first to discover toys. We think Pear, Wishbone and TJ may be blue eyed. Not sure on the others just yet. They were very active from being tiny and were up on the feet so quickly. So far none have ventured out of the whelping box yet... though soon, they'll make their transition to their outdoor kennel, at least during the daytime.

"This Milky Kibble Sure Tastes Good!

Most of the puppies took to the milky kibble, Pear and TJ hesitated. TJ seems to prefer me hand feeding him (no, he isn't spoiled at all). Pear looks on as her siblings bath in the kibble. It's so much fun!

Finishing Off The Crumbs

Full Belly... Time to Nap

Daisy's Puppies Venture Outside For The First Time

Tonka and Zsa Zsa were so cute with them, they just wanted to play! The puppies handled the socialization through the chainlink fence so well, not at all disturbed by the activity, the intense sniffing or the odd playbow and 'woof'. They were huddled up together in a puppy ball and up close to the chainlink quite happy to meet the rest of the adult dogs.

Auntie Rosie

it was love at first sight for my sweet Rosie and Daisy's puppies.... afterwards, she wasn't so keen on sharing them with the others. She laid down next to them, all snuggled up. "They're mine" I heard her mutter.

Tumac Is Terrified!

Sire of the litter, my lovely boy "Tumac". Sees the pups for the first time and was quivering, took him a while to stop shaking with fear. What a silly boy! It was hilarious.

Tumac Wonders .. "Who Are You?"

Watching The Big Dogs Play

Puppies Are Three Weeks Old!!

We have quite a routine going, but it's slowly getting hectic! They're a smart bunch and have figured out their way around the living room already. It's been wonderful to have puppy visitors and have friends come over for some puppy lovin'and to spend time with us as we enjoy the gift of seven little puppies in our lives. We so appreciate all the support and interest in this rather special litter. The first Hedlund Husky litter born on the east coast and certainly, one of few litters bred over the last few years. If only Rose Hedlund could see them, I wonder what she would say?

Anastasia and Turkey Jim aka TJ Max

Kim and Wishbone

Kelly and Pepper

Caroline and Andy

It's so adorable to see my friends in the whelping box! We may have to have an annual whelping box reunion party.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Linda's Here!

A last minute surprise gift from Neil to the pair of us, well.... almost surprise. So great as we get to meet for the first time 'ever', having been close friends for many years and Linda gets to meet my puppies and begin her bonding with the clan as she will end up with at least 2 puppies.
Linda only had 2 1/2 days, not much time at all. We could barely do anything other than a couple of runs with my dogs but at least it was something and we are both grateful to Neil :0)

Me and Linda

Love this photo!

Cookqiz Waits For Me To Give The Command To Go!

So great to see Linda and Cookqiz together since seeing her as a pup, Linda has only ever seen photos of her. Now they get to be together again.

We had a great time running dogs together. It felt as though we had run dogs together many, many times.

Puppies Are Two Weeks Old... already!!

Hard to believe two weeks have passed already. I have been immersed in all that one has to do when raising little ones and balancing work, chores and running dogs. It's all wonderful... just don't want the time to pass as quickly as it is doing. Their personalities are forming and now that their eyes are opening, I can 'see' who they are.

Puppy Playtime

Pear and Honey

TJ Max ! Turkey Jim.. Max cuteness

My Little Honey at 2 weeks of age

Lovely Wishbone at 2 weeks of age

Monday, December 13, 2010

November Belated Birthday Wishes

Lovely Tiger-Lilly turns 7 years old already!!!

Belated Birthday Wishes

Oh, my beautiful Sharky-Bob. What a lovely boy he is. Happy Birthday dear Bob. He just turned 5 years old.

Belated Birthday Wishes For Rosie

Hard to believe my princess just turned 5 years old!

Where Has Time Gone?

I do think someone stole the last few weeks, between working more, dealing with yucky weather, business, lovely puppies ....... I feel as though I've missed a chunk of time. Training has been all over the place but we are doing our best to do what we can when the opportunity presents itself. Hopefully soon, we'll get back on track, maybe once the little ones are outside, though that's going to be hard as I'm loving having them in the house with us.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Daisy with Grayvy and Pepper

Proud Mamma

Daisy is a great house dog as well as sled dog. She whelped her pups in the living room and has full use of the house to stretch out and take time away from the pups when she needs to.


Doesn't get much sweeter than this boy! He is adorable, so loving and snuggly. Quiet, sweet.... ahhh, just beautiful.

Turkey Jim !!

He came out with a cloud of fun and spirit and that is how he has continued to be. What a funny boy he is and so appropriately named. Turkey boy!!! Large, round, thick silver gray and white coat. Stunning, noisy and hilarious. When he first popped out, he curled up on my hand. An instant bond.


Pepper, or 'Peppi' as I like to call him. He is like Pear and Grayvy. Very middle of the road, perhaps a bit more outgoing. Big male with striking features and a strong mask.


Honey is a 'darling' pup. She is beautiful, inside and out. Loving, snuggly and so very pretty.


First born, good sized female. Stunning markings. Almost brown/black stripes with shades of light brown inbetween. She is a lot like Pear, middle of the road, sweet, not noisy, very easy going.


Pear is a beautiful good sized female. She is a wonderful silver/blue color... dove gray? Very middle of the road personality, not to active but not too laid back either. Lovely dense coat.d


Beautifuil light gray girl. Looks like her mommy Daisy. Very sweet and laid back.

Training Is Going Well Despite Some Weather Influences

Temperatures, heavy rain and ice really messes up the schedule sometimes, picking carefully when is safest to be out there on the trails. We are pretty much on schedule and whatever we might be lacking, we'll make up along the way. Tumac and Hana are proving to be naturals in lead, as are Nellie and Daisy. Pairing them with either Yahboo or Rosie is going so well though Rosie and Tumac together look rather funny! Now that the babies are here, we are back out there training and soon, Daisy will join her buddies. She ran in harness up to day 42 of her pregnancy and has remained very active so I have no doubt she'll be right back in shape once she has some shorter runs to ease her back into it. So far, her weight is good though I know there is time yet for her to get thinner with all the nursing she is doing. I'm cooking for her daily so she is eating a very healthy and holistic diet, it smells so good I'm often tempted to eat it with her as it's all human grade/quality ingredients.