UKTOUSA and The Valley Snow Dogz


At Valley Snow Dogz, we offer Fall Wheeled Sled Dog Rides, along with Winter Sled Tours.

An authentic, memorable sled dog experience based right in the heart of The White Mountains. Please call 603-340-2390 for more information. Valley Snow Dogz....Creating memories for families, groups and anyone who has a burning desire to experience a sled dog adventure and learn about our dedicated life with our furry families

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Live Free And MUSH!

Live Free And MUSH!
Valley Snow Dogz Kidz Event at Loon Mountain Resort

Our Races

Brownville K1 & Beyond, Maine January 27th
6 dog class
20 miles
4th place
Brownville Race II January 28th
6 dog class
4th place

Blue Mountain Race, Grantham NH February 18th
6 dog class
19 miles
5th place

Karen Jones Memorial Race, Hill NH March 26th
6 dog class
3rd place

NCM Rig Race
1st Place

Brownville Maine January 15th
20 Miles
1st Place
Sandwich Notch Sled Dog Race February 14th
20 Miles
4th Place
Karen Jones Memorial Race Bristol March 1st
12 Miles
1st Place
Jericho Mtn Season Ender March 22nd
17 Miles
3rd Place

 Camp and Race Weekend Nov 2nd 2014
3 miles
3rd place 

Great North Woods Sleddog Challenge
Colebrook NH February 9th
20 Miler
3rd place 

Jericho Mtn Season Ender
March 8th and 9th
2nd place 

(very snowless winter with most races cancelled)
Stratford Nighthawks Race March 10th
20 miler
9th out of 13 teams with a time of 1hr 50 minutes

Hill Fun Race NH January  8 dog class
12 miles with a time of 1hr 10 mins
SN Race NH February 8th out of 20 teams !!
20 miles with a time of 1 hr 48 mins
Can-Am 60 Miler Maine 
(goal was to break top 20, the weather was brutal)
We came in 19th out of 21 remaining teams with a time of 8hrs 41 minutes

Will Cowie Memorial Fun Run,  Bristol NH January  6th out of 8 teams
11 1/2 miles with a time of 1hr 7 mins and 1 hr 9 mins
FSHR Wonalancet NH January 3rd out of 4 teams (8 dog class)
15 miles with a time of 1hr 29 mins
Greenville 30 miler Maine 17 out of 18 teams (8 dog class)
with a time of 2 hrs 55 mins  (a very fast race)
Can-Am 60 Miler Maine 23rd out of 24 running teams
with a time of 8hrs 52  mins (a very tough race!)

Will Cowie Memorial Fun Run, Bristol NH January  11 miles 6th out of
PSHR Wonalancet NH January 20 miles 8th out of 15 teams
Greenville ME February  30 miles 10th out of 11 teams
Sandwich Notch, NH February  45 miles 7th out of 8 teams
Can-Am, Fort Kent ME March  30 miles 16th out of 29 teams

PSHR Bristol NH March  12.5 miles 11th out of 12 teams
Stratford Nighthawks, Stratford NH February Back-To-Back 30 miles 9th out of 11 teams
Bartlett Fun Race, Bartlett NH March  24 miles 14th out of 14
Critterwoods Race, ME February  Back-To-Back 15 miles 12th out of 12 teams
Stratford Nighthawks, Stratford NH February  Back-To-Back 30 miles 6th out of 7 teams

**All races were cancelled in this area for 2006**

NESDC Sprint Rig Race Bristol NH November 2005 4 miles 9th out of 11 teams
Race For Rikki, Bartlett NH March 2005 25 miles 10th out of 14 teams
Stratford Nighthawks Stratford NH January 2005 Back-To-Back 15 miles 10th out of 21 teams
Craftsbury True Companion VT January 2005 15 mile 8th out of 19 teams