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Live Free And MUSH!

Live Free And MUSH!
Valley Snow Dogz Kidz Event at Loon Mountain Resort

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Morning Of The Annual Christmas Mush

It was a glorious sunrise. With just enough snow to catch a run at Dorchester, a few mushers and their teams set out for a Christmas mush. Most of us had some sort of Christmas costume or accessory, some sleds were decorated too and many of the dogs were wearing bandanas. The gated entrance was closed so we had to all squeeze into a small staging area rather than being able to hook up from our dog trucks. With close to 60 dogs all shoulder to shoulder, we had a very successful hook-up! My dogs had not had chance to run with many other teams so far this season, so the level of excitement was high as you will see from the following photos.....

WASHAKIE.... Or "BOB" to his friends....

He had something to howl about!

Dogs Dressed Up With Red Bandanas

Daisy takes a minute to look at the camera

Hooking Up At The Gate

It was amazing to see just how many dogs and teams we squeezed into this small staging area.

Group Photo of Christmas Mushers

Left to right...

'Rosie' (okay, so she's a sled dog)
Kelly, Me, Jaye, Gail,
'Cookqiz'......Kim, Corina and Scott
We're missing Kathy and friends who were in the process of getting their gear together.

Rosie And Yahboo Leaping With Excitement!!

Courtesy of Kim and Kelly Berg... a great shot of my two girlie leaders showing just how excited they were to mush with their furry friends. I can hardly believe the the pair of them.

Jaye's Team is First to Go.... Well, Almost!

Almost Ready To Go!

Lilly takes a moment to make friends with one of Gail's Siberians. Lilly is just the 'coolest' dog. Nothing ever bothers her, she is always just 'the same' no matter what's going on.

All Too Familiar Side of Lilly and Bobby

Couldn't resist this shot!

Chasing Kim and Kelly

On the trail and following teams on the single track.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Is Here!!

Running By Day And By Moonlight??

Arriving At Camp

Getting dogs out of their truck boxes and giving them a snack and some water before I unload the truck and then get dogs ready for our first run on snow, okay so it's with the ATV, still...... it will be fun!

Sunrise At Camp

I never ever get tired of this view. It is always so cleansing, so spiritual and forever memorable.

Cookqiz (aka Ginger Monkey Face)

We Love Life At Camp !!!

The smile on Rosie's face says it all. First snow, lots of twisty turns, cool temperatures..... life is good!

Tumac getting Harnessed Up For His First Run!

He's such a beauty, a sweet boy with some great legs! he was ready for his first run in harness and eager to get to the gangline.

Hana and Tumac's First Run In Harness

They had been watching and watching and viewing the teams coming in and out of camp and I know they so wanted to see what 'it' was all about. So, I couldn't resist..... I harnessed them up and off we went for an easy 1/2 mile run. A fun loop with a few turns. I stopped here to take a photo and a short video of the pups running, what you can hear is Hana screaming to go! But you can see from their body language that they were thrilled to be with the big dogs!

Bush Whacking!

Beautiful day, first snow at camp early December. All the trees were laden with snow and hanging low over the narrow trail. This was a new section of trail for us so we were kind of bush whacking a bit.

Merry-Go-Round At Camp

I've been trying to replicate being at a checkpoint and having the dogs watch me walk around and do chores as they snack and have a drink. So the plan was to do back-too-back runs at camp, using camp as a checkpoint and leaving dogs harnessed and on the gangline.

As you can see, Yahboo is busy drinking out of Rosie's bowl, naughty doggie!