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Live Free And MUSH!

Live Free And MUSH!
Valley Snow Dogz Kidz Event at Loon Mountain Resort

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lovely Tiger-Lilly

Love this dog! She is just awesome. Great obedience dog and a very capable sled dog. She's also the kennel clown along with her half brother Washakie, or "Bob" to his friends.

Rosie... Does She Look Like She Is Having Babies?

Basking in the early morning sun, she looks quite content and hopefully, carrying a few little babies in her belly.

The Original Angel In Fur Coat

Tonka, a beautiful boy.

"No, No... I'm Not In Standing Heat"

Cookqiz prefers to stand to attention, just incase there's a handsome young male around.

Tumac Grabs Hana's Rump!

Poor lamb, thank goodness she's got some winter blubber on her rear end!

Mr. Moose Turns 13 Years Old!

My dear old love turned 13 years old this month and celebrated by doing his annual walk-a-thon with Ms Blanche who turned 16 years old! Every year Whatleigh and I walk our older doggies together for their birthday celebration. Moose was quite pleased to see Ms Blanche, who looked delightful, however, Moose still pulls very hard and unfortunately, wasn't about to let up for his older girlfriend. With a stumble or two along the way... we had a lovely walk around our garden path. Happy Birthday Dear Mr. Moose! xox

Moose Enjoys Some Spring Snow

My lovely old boy out for a walk around our path. Still pulling hard and enjoying the feeling of snow beneath his paws. He's always on a mission....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Boys Are In Town

After many years of being apart since moving from the UK to the USA, I just had the most wonderful time with both of my nephews and I (we) do hope they will visit us again very soon and very frequently. Robert, the eldest nephew, has visited three times now and feels very at home here. Anthony hasn't been to the USA for 11 years and was just a wee baby when he did visit, but despite the lack of being able to see each other over the past 11 years, once together, it was as if we always had been and now, we will make sure that we will be together as much as possible. Two beautiful souls, very selfless and humble. Just a joy to be with and astonishingly wonderful with our dogs and the whole lifestyle that we enjoy as mushers and guardians of our furry family.
Here they are "The Moose Men" Robert and Anthony

Me And My Boys!

Of course we would pose infront of my dogtwuk... where else?

Remembering Their Papa, Sasquatch

Robert was lucky enough to have spent some time with Sasquatch before he passed over the rainbow bridge. Zudnik and Zsa Zsa who will be 8 years old in May (Goodness!) are sitting lovingly with Robert. As Zudnik gets older, he looks more and more like his papa.

Hello, My Name Is Tumac

.... and I'm here to share your dinner with you.

Of Course You Share Your Dinner With Tumac!

Anthony, a little reluctant at first, soon got the hang of "hey, what's mine is yours and what's yours is well, yours".

Kisses For Robert

The girls! Hana and Yahboo sharing the 'love'. Thank goodness the boys were really okay with the volume of wet kisses they received from the dogs.

Two Cool Dudes

Okay, so they were not always in the dog yard or on an ATV, covered in mud and dog hair.... we did have some time away from the dogs, showered, clean, smelling nice and all dressed up. Nice picture of the boys in Waterville Valley.

Rosie Has Always Loved Robert

Okay, so I was focussed on Robert and chopped off Rosie's head, but still, you get the drift.

Heading Out For A Run

Dogs are still running well and pulling hard. The terrain was rather rugged and very rocky after the heavy rain had swept away a lot of surface dirt. Still, it makes for good training for the dogs and despite being almost 8 months in harness this season, their attitude remains great! I'm not feeling so bad either, these shorter fun runs at the end of season are really great fun especially. It's just so wonderful to have the boys here so that they can experience our life with dogs.

Night Run With Robert And The Dogs

It was wet and misty and getting quite dark, but it didn't seem to matter to Robert. Covered in mud and a little wet, he was really having a blast. I could see that Robert could quite easilly get into this lifestyle if he were able to. He is a natural with animals.

Lilly Makes A Friend

I guess it was love at first sight for Lilly and Anthony!

Anthony And I Getting Ready To Feed The Team

We had just finished a rather fast run with the dogs including the puppies who are not remotely like puppies in height, weight or pulling ability. Anthony sat behind me on the ATV holding on tightly as we sprinted over some rather rough terrain. Quite a thrill ride. Amazing just how quickly the boys took to the routine of running dogs.