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Live Free And MUSH!

Live Free And MUSH!
Valley Snow Dogz Kidz Event at Loon Mountain Resort

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Mush 2011

My lovely Honey.  Here we are for another Christmas Mush.  A gathering of a few local mushers and their teams as we head down the trail wearing something red or jingly, dogs 'n' all.  Team Uktousa had red Christmas bandannas, the ATV was decked in ribbons and tinsel and Richard and I both wore Santa hats.  There was a lot of activity on the trail this year from hunters, loose dogs and a group of horses.  I have to say how proud I was of my leaders, Rosie and Cookqiz when they made two great passes past the half dozen horses who were walking the trail. It was quite a confidence builder to mush a team past so many horses and have every dog on the team behave well and mind their own business.  We had some great passes with other teams, but for the most part, we hung out with our buddies, Kim, Kelly and their lovely dogs, oh and... the lovely Nancy too.  Nancy is our Mushing groupie!  It was nice to see all our friends and their dogs and enjoy a few hours together on the trail and off the trail.  All the teams were just great and I think it was one of the best Christmas Mushing yet!! Merry Christmas!!
Getting hooked up!
A great pass!
Kim, Kelly and my team setting up for a some sandwich passes
Wishbone, gives everything 100%
Daisy and her big puppy, Honey.  Honey LOVES loves loves water, she is a bit of a water hog!
Nellie tempts TJ to dip his toes in some cool water and chill out for a few minutes
Heading back across the fields

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2011 Waterville Valley Santa Run

Cookqiz - Hana sandwich with Peg!  Once again it was time for our annual charity Santa run and what a blast with town folk, friends and dogs we had.   This year we added a second team of dogs, driven by Kelly Berg from Kelim Siberians. Together we brought in Santa and his elves to Town Square for over 200 children cheering and ready to sit on Santa's lap.  As always, the dogs were a huge hit with hundreds of people gathered around us for well over 2 hours.  Kim and Kelly brought along their 11 week old puppies and we watched on as these pups were cuddled and kissed by almost every onlooker. What a super job the girls did as did Peg and Vladi. So grateful for your contribution and help.  It was all for a good cause as we helped raise close to $1000 for the Whole Village in Plymouth, NH.  Each year the event gets better and better. We can't wait for next year's !!

After so many years of working in Waterville Valley as a ski instructor, store manager and Personal Trainer, it is a delight to be bringing Santa into Town Square each year as well as finally being able to celebrate my new business venture ....Valley Snow Dogz, Waterville's very own Sled Dogs!!
Putting bandanas on Santa's furry reindeers
Two Elves

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Santa's elves and helpers -
Me, Kim, Kelly and Vladi
The lovely Peg!  My dogs just love her.  She remembered the routine well from last season when Peg was at my side pretty much all season long. We miss you Peg!  Here we are hooking up our team alongside Kim and Kelly's team.  What a very fun time it was with so many supporters, friends and well wishers.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Here comes Santa and his elves!
Here comes Santa!
Bringing Santa into Town Square.  Hundreds of people gathered for Santa but also to welcome the sled dogs into Waterville Valley. Right behind my team were the wonderful Siberians of Kim and Kelly Berg who will be joining me this winter in offering sled dog excursions In Waterville Valley, New Hampshire!
Peg does an outstanding job telling onlookers about Yahboo and her heritage.  As you can see, Yahboo loves Peg and tucks her head into Peg's side.  Good job Peg!
Oh, the lovely Vladi.  He was such a great sport volunteering to wear tights!  Thanks for all your help, you were awesome!  Vladi is going to help us a little this winter during our Waterville Valley Sled Dog excursions.  Can't wait!
Nellie and Daisy getting lots of attention