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Live Free And MUSH!

Live Free And MUSH!
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 Santa Run

Okay, so I'm late in posting my Santa Run, but well, at the same time as the Santa Run, we were birthing babies. It was hectic to say the least but thank goodness for a nurturing husband who stayed home with Daisy as she started to give birth and of course huge thanks to Kim and Kelly for staying with Richard and for staying overnight so that we could safely deliver 7 little babies. The birthing went on for a very long time and without their caring help, we might have lost one pup who was not thriving the way she should have been. Anyway, the good news is, she is thriving now and is a huge, happy puppy!!!

Peg and family came to the rescue and helped me once we arrived in Waterville. We dressed the dogs in their traditional red scarves and despite the blizzard that blew through just moments before hooking up, we made a safe run to the center of town and promptly delivered Santa. The roads had iced up and so, it was a little scary to be pulled by dogs on an ATV with next to no traction until we turned onto the dirt path. The local Police Force were once again fantastic and kept the parade moving at a slow pace of no more than 8 mph so that we could travel slowly on the road until our turn-off. Everything went so smoothly with a crowd of about 9oo people!!! Lots of attention and photos of the dogs. Each dog handled the crowd, the kids, the cuddling and photographs so very well including my two yearlings Tumac and Hana. We helped raise a grand total of $844.00 for the Whole Village in Plymouth. Thanks to everyone who helped us deliver Santa to Waterville.