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Live Free And MUSH!

Live Free And MUSH!
Valley Snow Dogz Kidz Event at Loon Mountain Resort

Sunday, October 24, 2010

North Country Mushers Training Day

We'd had so much cold weather and then Saturday turned out to be warmer with some heat on the way up the trail, but thank goodness, some cooling wind on our return journey. There were 10 or so teams. Lots of good passes and head-on passes. Hana and Tumac were on my team, their first exposure to multiple teams and multiple passes. They never paid any notice, they just wanted to run, pull and chase. It was a super day. Peg came along as she's been enjoying time with my dogs over the last couple of years and here she is helping me get my dogs ready. She really is loving it. We had a great day together.

Hana and Tumac Are Doing So Well

Their first time on the trail with multiple teams. Both handling the turns, the terrain, hunters and their dogs, cyclists, hikers and passes really well. What good little pups!

Right Behind Jaye's Team Going Into The Fields

Teams Did Some Nice Passes

It Was A Bit Warm!

Heading Back To The Truck

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Season Has Begun...

Uktousa's "Angels In Fur Coats" are back on the trail. The girls are now all out of heat so I can resume switching leaders and bringing some of the stars to the front of the team. I love this time of year when the runs are short but the energy is high. Tumac and Hana are on the team and working their way up from wheel to lead. They've had some good trail etiquette training, some team passes with Kim and Kellly's beautiful doggies and all in all, I'm very pleased with their good manners. Tumac pulls like a maniac and needs to harness that energy a little so that as the runs get longer, he doesn't burn himself out. But he's just a yearling, he'll learn a lot this season. Hana is very focussed and is all business in harness. I've had Bobby and Tumac runing on the same team... goodness! There's some power!! I daren't add Zuddi to the mix unless I'm tied to a dozer rather than an ATV . Truck is painted up but needs our name and logo on it....

My Sister Is Coming !!

And here she is! Here we both are and isn't she lovely! We had such a great time together. Gaby was SO into the dogs and life in general with dogs and of course, running dogs.... "dogs dogs dogs"!!! She was marvelous with the dogs and didn't mind running in the dark, getting muddy and covered in dog fluff. Oh, good days... and she'll be back for more in the spring.

A Gathering Of Sisters

A great day, good friends, my lovely sister and my 50th birthday