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Live Free And MUSH!
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Caroline, Andy and Rigel

no, it's not my laundry hanging in the livingroom, those are prayer flags given to me by Elizabeth, Kathy B's lovey daughter, from her trip to India. Caroline and Andy came down to pick up my cute boy Pepper and spend a little time with us and his siblings. They have renamed Pepper, "Rigel". A name that I know has a lot of meaning to Caroline. Rigel is the largest star in the constellation and known as a super giant. So appropriate for him as he is a shining star and a super giant. I'm so thrilled, we both are, that our pups have gone to two groups of people who we adore. Good friends and now, we're family :0)

Rigel and Caroline

Lovey photos of my boy Rigel (Pepper) and Caroine. It was so hard to part with "His Hugeness" as Caroline has so nicey nicknamed him... his body is so more'ish, you just can't get enough of Rigel. Mellow, sweet and attentive. Such a great fit for Caroline and Andy. I think we were all a tad emotional... I know how much this boy means to them and how much it means to us that love him so much! Can't wait for our puppy play date.


Will it ever end! okay, so I've been really sick since Christmas.... ended up in the ER this past weekend. 8lb lighter and quite weary..... finally, I see improvement. YAY! Dogs and I have missed some running, obviously, but we'll pull it back. I guess the positive has been lots of time with puppies and friends. Lots of visits, hanging out and eating together, puppies have been well handled and sociaized so that has to be a good thing, right? Now it's time to get back on the runners......

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

To Points-Unknown..... Off They Go!

I feel quite spoiled to have seen Linda twice in such a short space of time, but it was a long time in the making after years of friendship, finally, we get to be together not just once.... but twice! Along with Linda came Neil, her fiance who is just adorable and a great match for Linda and her life with dogs and along with them came Hailey, who is a close friend of their's and just super with dogs.

Due to really cold temperatures it wasn't possible to fly the pups to MN as originally planned but instead, Neil.... being the wonderful person that he is, drove there and back over a period of 4 days taking the two pups with him on his return journey. A very long way to travel in a short space of time so what a gem he is to do that! It was just lovely having a house full despite my visit to the ER due to a chronic cough and body pains which turned out to be Bronchitis... what a tough few days for me at a time when I just wanted to do so much with my friends. Still, we made the most of it and the important thing was to simply be together and we were!

We had a great visit with Caroline and Andy, spending a little time in the dogyard with their equally lovely doggies. Big thanks to Kim and Kelly for hanging out with us all and making our time together even more special. I know Hailey really enjoyed running dogs with you, that was a real treat and as I wasn't able to get my dogs out due to being sick, we really appreciated you guys stepping in and doing that for her.

Well, I'm still coughing up my insides here and just hoping to be well enough to be back on the runners and out in the fresh air! MISS you all !!!!

Aise (aka Grayvy)

Not only is she stunning but she's a fire cracker. Is was a true bond from the start between her and Linda. It's going to be fun hearing about their adventures together.

Kisses to Illy (aka Fruitcake)

A last snuggle with my sweet girl.

Hailey, Linda and Me

It was bitterly cold and Linda and I were both quite sick, Linda had a severe headache and something else going on and little did I know at this time I was battling bronchitis, though being upright was slowly proving to be a battle. What lousy timing to be so sick. Still, just being together was the most important thing and we gave it our best shot! It was great to finally meet Neil in person after many phone conversations and emails, it was as if we had seen each other many times over, just as it is with me and Linda. Hailey is a good friend to Linda and Neil and the dogs of Points-Unknown and just a sweetheart of a girl. Loved her energy and interactions with my dogs. I hope one day she can come and stay for a while and help me train the dogs.

Papa Tumac Meets His Babies

We had him on a leash as he came out to meet and greet his babies. They have had lots of sniffing through the chainlink but this was a first nose to nose with no chainlink inbetween. However with 3 girls in heat, visitors and lots of running around in the play area... he seemed a bit overwhelmed. However the pups were not! Here's Honey giving papa kisses.

Last Time For Seven At The Milk Bar

Daisy's toes hardly touch the ground as her seven pups lift her up so they can have another round at the milk bar before three of the pups leave for their new home. She's been an awesome mum and has really put her heart, soul and body into raising them.

Zsa Zsa's Usual Position....

"give me a belly-rub Hailey!"

Hailey and Zudnik

Quite a love-match! Hailey was wonderful with my Mals.
Come back soon Hailey !!!!

The Points-Unknown Truck Leaves...

Crates are loaded with my two lovely baby girls. Off they go to their new home in Minnesota and their new family and friends. Another bond between us all and ones that we can cherrish for a long time to come. I look forward to lots of photos and updates and hopefully, a visit to see them in the near future. It was lovely to have you guys stay, even if we were all battling some sickness and unable to be totally 100%. Just together time was special.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Waiting For Their Turn To Come Out To Play

So who's turn is it now? Puppies are ready to venture out for a romp in the deep snow. It was beyond cute... could hardly see them in the 18 inches of fresh snow we just received. Oh, did they have fun though.

Sniffing Noses With The Big Dogs

Sometimes Pear is not so shy but instead, very curious.

My Boy, Wishbone

Stunning is all I can say, his ocean blue eyes look right at your soul. He picked me from the start, never a moment of doubt that he wasn't staying with us.

Love, Love Mr Licky Licky

Do I love him or what??

Beautiful Pear

She is just gorgeous, gorgeous. Silver blue/gray eyes to match her silver blue/gray coat. She has the sweetest personality, so playful and cat like.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Andy and Caroline Come To Visit

Always lovely to see you guys! Despite the cold temperature that day, we all had a good dose of puppy lovin'. It was great to see you both interact with the puppies and they with you two. Looking forward to seeing you in a week or so but in the meantime, I'll keep you updated with some more photos of the wee ones , okay so they are not so 'wee', more like fat and fluffy. Funny how the three of us have a thing for "fat and fluffy". Well, whichever "fat and fluffy" heads home with you both..... will be a wonderful union and heart warming for me.

Linda comes soon and we simply cannot wait! She'll be here for a few days and will return home with two "fat and fluffies" which is nothing short of just wonderful because without my friend Linda, (yes you Linda!) well, I wouldn't have Hedlunds in my life and the richness of a few new friends who share the same passion for these old school dogs. Much gratitude for everything my dear friend. Our Hedlund family is growing. Can't wait to see you next week!!! All of you.

Daisy And Family

Heart Breaker Pepper

He's such a LOVE, gives kisses when you say "licky licky" ... only thing though, he thinks his name is "licky licky"

Andy and Caroline Getting Some Puppy Lovin'

It was freezing cold and we were outside for hrs before venturing indoors for a nice cup of English tea and cookies. I think Caroline was smuggling a puppy inside her jacket! The rest of them were happy snuggling together on Andy's legs. How cute. I caught Andy and Caroline with a puppy each inside their carharts. Fortunately, the puppies are so fat, that they couldn't zip up and sneak out with them :0)

Andy With Honey

They are both nurturing each other. Lovely photo.

Aise aka Grayvy

Cute as a button, inside her heated puppy house. Photo taken by Andy and Caroline.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hard To Believe Pups Are Six Weeks Old!

Pear and TJ at the chainlink wanting more fun big doggie play area play time! Oh, what fun they had. We are desperately grabbing onto each minute of joy and cuddles with the wee ones, why can't puppies stay puppies for longer? Daisy is doing well but certainly taking some time to fully bounce back. Auntie Rosie helps her out and takes her turn in loving and playing with the babies.

Eating Daddy's Shoelaces

Auntie Rosie and Pear

My Lovely Honey-Buns

Honey is big girl despite her delicate beginnings. Such a pretty girl, rugged with a huge coat and feet. Very outgoing with super eye contact and of course, yet another snuggler

Little Miss Grayvy

Grayvy is a hot ticket, first at everything, always curious, very outgoing and an extreme snuggler

Mamma Daisly and Auntie Rosie

Daisy loved having Rosie help her play with the puppies

Followilng Mamma Daisy Around

Honey, Pear, Fruitcake and TJ!

Oh, pups had so much fun in the garden... can they come out to play again?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 Santa Run

Okay, so I'm late in posting my Santa Run, but well, at the same time as the Santa Run, we were birthing babies. It was hectic to say the least but thank goodness for a nurturing husband who stayed home with Daisy as she started to give birth and of course huge thanks to Kim and Kelly for staying with Richard and for staying overnight so that we could safely deliver 7 little babies. The birthing went on for a very long time and without their caring help, we might have lost one pup who was not thriving the way she should have been. Anyway, the good news is, she is thriving now and is a huge, happy puppy!!!

Peg and family came to the rescue and helped me once we arrived in Waterville. We dressed the dogs in their traditional red scarves and despite the blizzard that blew through just moments before hooking up, we made a safe run to the center of town and promptly delivered Santa. The roads had iced up and so, it was a little scary to be pulled by dogs on an ATV with next to no traction until we turned onto the dirt path. The local Police Force were once again fantastic and kept the parade moving at a slow pace of no more than 8 mph so that we could travel slowly on the road until our turn-off. Everything went so smoothly with a crowd of about 9oo people!!! Lots of attention and photos of the dogs. Each dog handled the crowd, the kids, the cuddling and photographs so very well including my two yearlings Tumac and Hana. We helped raise a grand total of $844.00 for the Whole Village in Plymouth. Thanks to everyone who helped us deliver Santa to Waterville.

... Wait For Santa!

We had a full escourt into town!

Dressing Up The ATV ... the blizzard blows in.

Following The Parade

With lots of ice on the road, I was quite relieved when we were able to take a turn off the road leaving the Parade to continue into the town square as we then headed off on a snow covered dirt path.

Love, Love This Photo!

Peg getting suitably squished by Cookqiz and snuggled by Tumac who adores her and quite obviously, Peg adores them both. What a happy and loving photo.

Cookqiz's Favorite Friend

Peg and family have been invaluable at our annual Santa Run and the dogs think so too!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"Old Man River"

I've been seriously thinking of changing his name from Turkey Jim aka TJ Max, to "Old Man River". Several friends have commented how he looks like a little old man. He is a cute boy, he was the biggest but not any longer. He has a beautiful pale gray-blue colored coat and ligt gray-blue eyes. He has become so loving and affectionate, he always looks like he's solving the problems of the world. He's a special boy.

My Boy, Wishbone

I swear this boy is human. He hugs me and holds me with his little paws. He is a gentle, gentle old soul. So very pretty with ocean blue eyes that look through you. Love him!

Big Boy Pepper

He's been a big boy all along and he is the biggest sweetie too. So reminds my of my Malamute Zudnik. He's got a lovely big coat and is so cuddly. He seems to really suit his name " Mr Peppi Pepitoe".

Grayvy... Cute As A Button!

She's like a teddy bear! Buff-gray, super nice coat and the prettiest face. She's a lively one... first born and first to do everything!

Milk Face Honey

Honey had a tough start to her little life but she has more than made up for it! She is a food hog!!! Loves her milk which she somehow manages to get all over her face. She is so pretty, very outgoing, very affectionate. She has a thick coat and the cutest beauty spot above her nose.

Dear Fruitcake

She looks very similar to Pear and TJ. She is a lovely girl, not as quiet as Pear but certainly not as adventurous as Grayvy or Honey. She has the cutest nose. She is a good size female with a beautiful coat. Such a pretty wee thing.

Gentle, Quiet "Pear"

Pear has continued to be a rather large girl. She is strikingly beautiful with her pale blue-gray eyes and liver colored nose. She is always sitting peacefully, watching, taking everything in and just when you forget she is around, she can be found sitting all snuggly next to you.