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Live Free And MUSH!

Live Free And MUSH!
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tumac At The Milk Bar

For the last few days I've been wondering why Rosie is wet on either side of her belly. Being the gentle and nurturing soul that she is, she will allow pups to think of her as their birth mom.... I sat quietly and waited for some interaction between Hana, Tumac and Rosie. I just missed photographing both pups at the 'Milk Bar' but managed to get Tumac.... here he is sucking away. Rosie stands very willing. Both pups started doing this a couple of days ago....

Tumac Too Cute For Words

Such a sweetheart, gentle and loving. He prefers to sit back and watch the dogs play and if I'm around, well, he'll just curl up on my lap and hug. Eventually he joins in the play but as soon as the energy picks up, he leaps across the dogyard and heads straight into my arms. Yes indeed, he's a spoiled mommy's boy! And I love it !!

Hana Looks At The World Through The Eyes Of An Old Soul

She sits quietly taking everything in. She looks so like a snuggly teddy but beneath that cuteness is a very savvy, young pup who just seems to 'know'. She is fabulous with the older dogs and very responsive but yet, there is a stubbornness about her just like her half sister Nellie..... maybe this comes from papa Mackenzie?

Hana Proves To Be Another Mud Baby

Inspired by Nellie and Daisy, Hana had fun in the rain and sandy mud today, enjoying every minute of playing and splashing. A hardy wee pup.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hana Leaps With Joy!

I just let the pups out with Rosie and Hana ran across the yard and jumped up to kiss Rosie. What I couldn't capture in a photograph was her little spin-around dance as she welcomed Rosie to play play play with her! Of course Tumac was busy sitting by my feet and snuggling with me.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Big Baby Tumac

It was time once again to introduce the puppies to some of the big dogs. Tumac's first attempt sent him screaming into the dog igloo. Poor Daisy looked at me as if to say " But all I did was bow down and offer him my best play position".... Tumac is such a baby, clinging, clinging to me as slowly I allow a couple of my most gentle dogs to come and visit with them They have had two weeks of social interaction through chainlink and buzzing around with me as I do chores. This is a picture of Tumac on my lap with his big feet clinging to my thighs. Poor lamb.

Yahboo's Best "Please Come And Play "

Yahboo tries hard to convince the pups that she is all about play. She couldn't get any cuter could she? She is as low to the ground as possible, all 70lb of her.

Two Old Souls Connect With A Kiss

They were pretty somfy with each straight away. There was a cool 'knowing' about the two of them. I do see Hana as an 'old soul' and from a similar style of freighting genes as Yahboo. I think they saw that in each other. One beautiful black female and one beautiful blonde female.

Finally, Tumac and Hana start to interact with Yahboo

Yahboo is such a spectacular dog. My beautiful, big female and the best lead dog ever. Kindred spirit, a savvy animal who knows how to mingle and blend, be loving and welcoming and yet in harness, she is simply all business. Hana gets quite comfy with Yahboo and Tumac, who always seems to wait for Hana to make the first move... now approaches Yahboo. Just a few minutes after this photo, they were on their bellies playing and kissing. They are now part of the Uktousa Pack.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

From Bed Dogs to.... Sled Dogs ??

Hana and Tumac fast asleep .... I guess Richard took great pleasure in photographing us early in the morning before the daily routine begins. Hana and Tumac have taken to being bed dogs very quickly. They sleep for a good 7 hrs before wanting to go outside, quite remarkable really.

Mom's still sleeping....

What good pups! They sleep through the night and don't stir until I get up. What the photo doesn't share is that Tumac sleeps on my head. He makes his way up the bed, turns around on my upper most pillow and then settles in for the night with his head on my forehead and his rather large paws on my neck, or often on my face! I haven't had a good night's sleep for a while, but the sacrifice is well worth it. He is a noisy sleeper and no matter how much I try to move him so that I can get comfy, he simply follows my lead and settles back on me. Hana on the other hand, is so like Daisy.... she simply wants to be close and snuggles into my side or lays across my feet. What a good girl. Such a huge part of our bonding.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Baby Angels Arrive

It's been a year or so of immense challenges and if it were not for the loving support of family and friends, life would be a little less fulfilled. I feel blessed to have great love and understanding in my life.

As my kennel ages and we move slowly into a new era of goals and ambitions, I have been equally blessed by the continued support of my dear friend Linda Newman from Points Unkown, Minnesota, who shares the same love and devotion for her dogs as I do and together, we are keeping alive a very old line of Huskies known as Hedlund Huskies. With this shared goal in mind, Linda has supported me and facilited the addition of two very important Hedlunds to my kennel. Without her commitment and support, at this time, this goal would not have been achieved. I owe her much!! Linda recently had a litter of beautiful Hedlund puppies and kept two pups from the litter, sending me two pups.

I welcome into my family Tumac and Hana. Tumac will hopefully be the sire of my future Hedlund litter. Both these pups are deep line Hedlunds. I am really excited and feel that despite many challenges at this time, I am able to hold on to my dreams and see the future of my kennel slowly unfold.

They are precious souls and they bring so much to my life.

Baby Angels In Baby Soft Fur Coats

Here is my boy, Tumac. His name is a combination of his mom's name "Tuloon" and his papa's name "MacKenzie". He is the sweetest, most loving baby ever. He oozes gentleness and love. He always wants to be snuggled, carried like a baby and give as many kisses as he can. At first he seemed like a new soul, a young pup ready for his life's journey, but as time passes, I see an old soul in him too. He has a sense about him, a knowing. His favorite thing to do is to sleep on my head, he wraps himself around my head, rests his huge paws on my forehead and remains there through the night. His sister, Hana tries to sneak up next to him and on my head too, but then finds herself curled up like a small cat, nestled into my chest. The love these two Angels give is a gift. At only 9 1/2 wks of age, they already sleep through the night and have only had a few mishaps in the house. He is something ain't he?

Baby Angels In Baby Soft Fur Coats

Here is Hana. An old soul in a puppy's body. Hana was named by a young friend of Linda Newman's. The word "Hana" means Flower. She has the warmest, brown eyes, a very cat-like playful manner which is adorable and in true Hedlund style, she is very smart. I have no doubt that she will be a leader, the same as my other Hedlund girlies. She is an observer and the first to try anyting new whilst her brother watches on. She possesses a very intense expression, but her brown eyes just warm you to your core. There's a beautiful, magical aura about her. She is a throw-back to a past (old school) generation of Hedlund, so she is definitely a dog to watch with complete wonderment and openess. The era from which her old soul comes forth will be a treasure to behold.