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Live Free And MUSH!

Live Free And MUSH!
Valley Snow Dogz Kidz Event at Loon Mountain Resort

Friday, August 9, 2013

Tuliq Turns 4 Months Old

An old soul with a mature body and the heart of a puppy
She is a Rosie clone, a spirit dog

Valley Snow Dogz Participate in SLA's 'I Love Squam Lake' Day

We really appreciated being invited to Squam Lake Association's...... 'I Love Squam Lake' Day, one of our most favorite places and also where the Valley Snow Dogz run some of their Winter tours and sled dog adventures.  We had a great afternoon talking to so many people, some familiar faces who came for a sled dog adventure last winter.  The dogz were just awesome, after a long long day on the road and a back-to-back venue experience.... we all enjoyed ourselves! We really welcomed this opportunity to be participants in this first annual event and we look forward to sharing our winter with the Squam folk and being at the event again next year!

We had some lovely young girls participate in
brushing the dogz!
Beautiful Squam Lake

I think Dougie is winking at his new friend!

Honey was being so loved and told that her coat is 'bunny soft'

 Rebecca manages to get Dougie's ears to look more like those
of a husky!

First Stop... Campton Historical Society and Old Home Day

Very fun morning for the Valley Snow Dogz who cleary became the Valley Show Dogz! We stayed for longer than we anticipated and really appreciated the constant stream of people, questions and general interest in the dogs, how we train our dogs from pups through adult, preparing for tours and the races we take part in each year.  We managed to find a shady spot for the dogs to hang out and interact with everyone.  We've had a great spring and summer with the Campton Historical Society. Absolutely wonderful people and we look forward to maybe another kennel tour from them in September.  More information on our kennel tours and availability will be posted soon.

We had some interesting visitors!

Two absolute beauties !

Three very patient girls hanging out