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Live Free And MUSH!

Live Free And MUSH!
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Feels Like Summer Today

We've been so lucky with cool nights so we've been able to keep the dogs running.  It was hard to believe the daytime temperature today -  upper 60's!  Gosh, it felt too warm too quickly. After living in thermals since last September, I surrendered to the need to shed my winter layer. I'm always reluctant to part with winter.  TJ lead the team last night alongside Cookqiz.  Right behind this pair was my faithful friend Yahboo who is still leading and running like a youngster at almost 12 yrs of age. Goodness, she is one special dog.  I often reflect to her early days of bushwhacking and multiple turns in fields. All that work created a superior leader.  Will I ever experience that again! There are a bunch hot on her tail I have to say.

Baby Tuliq

Tuliq Turns 3 Weeks old and Weighs
in at 3lb 3oz
She's just such a darling

Our friends Dawn and Steve came to visit.
Love this photo of Dawn snuggling Tuliq
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Little Angel News

Miss Squish just turned 4 months old and weighed in at 40lb. She's an amazing pup, very smart and has adapted to our way of life very quickly. She thinks nothing of running around with 8-10 adults and seems happy to be in almost any combination of play groups. She's got one or two more dogs to interact with but so far, she's an easy keeper, she communicates well and is so attentive.  Must take some updated photos of her.  Meanwhile her niece, Tuliq is just about to turn 2 weeks old and is weighing in at 2lb.  She is doing really quite well and is very outgoing and a fast little crawler.  She is a bit lighter than previous puppies we've had (at this age) but she is healthy and nicely proportioned. I'm sure she'll catch up in her own time.  She is simply adorable



Friday, April 5, 2013

Winter Is Almost Over For The Dogs and Valley Snow Dogz

We ran our last sled tour this past Easter Sunday and though tempting to be out there for one or two more sled runs, we will wait a few more days and start some dryland training instead.   Dougie and White Feather have done great on a few short tours and will be on the team this spring.  We also have lots of obedience and fun walks to do with 4 month old Miss Squish and of course, lots of nurturing of our latest addition, 2 day old Tuliq.  We typically like to run into May or for as long as the temperatures allow us to.  Its a great time to try out new leaders, get older dogs back out and simply have a lot of fun mixing things around.  We have some presentations to do this spring also so some of the dogs will be on the road with us.  In the meantime... there's some catching up to do here at the homestead. 

Rosie Delivers Baby Tuliq

Rosie gave birth to a singleton pup. A beautiful and vibrant girl named Tuliq. So named in honor of her Alaskan heritage, our good friend Kim Fitzgerald and Rosie's mother, Tulipq.  We do believe Rosie had a couple of other babies who sadly did not make it much beyond mid-term.  We are lucky that Tuliq survived and is doing so well.  Rosie had a fairly long labor but was doing fairly well until close to the end when we did have to make the call to the vet to have a shot of oxytocin to induce greater contractions to help push out the baby.  Kim and Kelly Berg were outstanding and were with us during the early hours of the morning and then later at the vets.  It was an experience for us all and so glad we shared it together as close friends. Rosie loves the girls and was very comfortable having them around.  Tuliq was born at Rumney Animal Hospital on April 3rd, 2013 at 7am and weighed 15.8oz.  Mom and baby are doing great!
exhausted after delivering baby Tuliq
And here she is, Baby Tuliq
Tuliq with her toy siblings