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Live Free And MUSH!

Live Free And MUSH!
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Over The Rainbow Bridge

Lovely Moose!  We lost Moose on Thursday June 23rd 2011.  The last few weeks were hard for him and us.  He went from being a very healthy and strong dog all of his life, to finally revealing his age to us as he slowly started to weaken.  We feel lucky that his aging didn't impact him too much. Always a hardy soul, very single minded and much more a people dog than a pack dog.  He only cared for a small number of furry buddies, never really needing to be overly social. He enjoyed more time with us, walks every day and lots of special treatment like having the  play areas to himself each and every night.  Moose had been in our lives for little over 14 years. Remarkable for a big dog, a fine looking, well coated Alaskan Malamute.  He was with me at the beginning of my mushing journey, a part of my first 2-dog team and then part of a bigger team.  He was a great skijor partner, he held the line tight infront of my mountain bike and did many demonstrations in our earlier days of running "All Terrain Dog"... the one-stop place for mushing gear. 

Moose was a huge part of my learning curve and I will be forever grateful for his patience with me (us) and all that we were able to learn and master through him and because of him.  Moose was buried in our special rainbow garden alongside his friends - Sasquatch, Opechee, Keeper, Tisha and Biffa.  The dogs broke out into a group howl as we brought Moose over to his resting place, I know they were fully aware of our sad loss.  Right at that moment, 3 crows flew overhead making their skricky noise as if sharing messages from the spirit world with Moose, reassuring him  that his spirit is being taken care of and that all is okay.  I looked up as if to thank them, that they were here, for him.

We miss your peacefulness Moose!  Love ya.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Wish upon a star and one day, you might be blessed to have a dog like Wishbone.  Nothing short of a beautiful manifestation of a sweet, gentle and devoted furry being.  Steel blue eyes that look deeply and lovingly back at you.  He's my boy!

Another Old Soul

TJ... a beautiful, gentle soul.  An old soul for sure. He's like his papa, Tumac.  He just oozes lovliness.  He will always remind me of how thankful I am to my dearest friend, Linda, for her gift of Tumac.  Our union has been solidified greatly over the years as we have shared in each others gifts of furry angels.
Thank you Linda!
Incase you haven't already gathered,  I LOVE this puppy!  She's nothing short of a gift.  A life that almost wasn't but thanks, once again (and we will be forever grateful) to Kim and Kelly for helping to save her life.  I think Honey and I have a deep bond with Kim and Kelly after working together to save this little life.  Isn't she cute?,

My Girl Pups!

My beautiful girls... Honey and Pear

Robert and Uncle Ricky

Sneaking a quick photo opportunity before we hook up the dogs.  Geez, this was just over a month or so ago, seems like just the other day!  There have been a few cold mornings since and typically, we'd be out there running but sometimes life takes over and you simply have to let go and get on with other things.  Anyway, just as we did just that, 5 girls came into heat so it was a good thing anyway.  Oh, but Robert and Gaby... we miss you both!  I know Robert will be back this winter so he can train with us.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Catching A Few Last Runs Of The Season

The Family!
Kim and Kelly's dogs.   Kim shows Robert how to harness her dogs.
Robert jumps right in and helps Kim and Kelly hook up their team
Hooking up our teams side by side.  Gaby stands with my leaders and Robert helps Kim and Kelly hook up.

Robert Drives A 16 Dog Team !

Off they go!  I couldn't believe how trusting Kim and Kelly were of Robert's capabilities to master the skill of handling and driving a 16 dog team!  Look at the smile on his face.  Gaby hitched a ride with them and was loving every minute of it.  I don't think Robert's facial expression changed the entire time... one 'big' smile.  My family are mushers!

Mamma Daisy Takes A Beauty Bath

So, mamma Daisy (now back in harness) is such a water babe, instantly lays down in the big puddle and takes full advantage of holding the team still.  Tumac looks back like to say 'hey lady!'
Coming up behind Kim and Kelly

Sister Act... Running Dogs Together

Heading down the trail!  The storms had left lots of debris on the trail and along the way, we had to move trees and lots of tree limbs.  But it was a great spring run with Gaby, Robert, Kim and Kelly