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Live Free And MUSH!

Live Free And MUSH!
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Puppies At 3 Weeks Old

We are in puppy heaven right now.  4 gorgeous, quite hefty puppies.  All four look very different.  They have big coats, infact, everything about them is oversized. They look older than they are. Each time I weigh them, they are significantly heavier than Daisy's litter and bigger than any litter that Linda Newman has had to date.  Could just be that Cookqiz has fatty milk or maybe, they're just big puppies, or maybe..... they'll be big adults!  It's certainly in their genes that's for sure.  It's wonderful to have the puppies here in the living room. The whelping box fits right in and we get to be with them a lot.  It won't be long though before they move outdoors so that they can stretch out and have plenty of room to run around.
My boy Dougie, everything about Dougie is huge..his body, his paws, his personality, his aura.  Love this boy so much! He makes me laugh so much.  I feel all of my past malamutes all rolled into him.  I sense them all through his personality.  He's stayin' !


A cutie!  This is Jinty.  such a pretty little star.  Confident little girl, well.. not so little, just smaller than her siblings. She is first at everything and was first to be born!  Jinty is going to live with our friend, Nita, in Alaska.
Precious Fergie.  A hefty female. Sweet and very low key. There's an old soul spirit with this girl. It was an instant bond between the two of us.
Big girl Phoebe at 3 wks.  She looks so like her mamma Cookqiz and will be going to live with our good friend Linda Newman in Minnesota where her mamma came from. She's so beautiful, very affectionate and a good sized female!