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Live Free And MUSH!

Live Free And MUSH!
Valley Snow Dogz Kidz Event at Loon Mountain Resort

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Friends Across Country

Kindred spirits.  Coming together through our love for our dogs and these special old lines.  So heart warming to know that two of our pups have gone to two great homes.  Our dear friend Linda in Minnesota who is so connected with Zola. That was so meant to be and now, Little Lidia has gone to Alaska to live with Nita and Josh and by the photos we've just received, she is in HEAVEN!  So grateful to both of you for loving our little ones and for the friendship.
It's that time of year when we start going through our sledding gear and seeing what needs replacing and what can be repaired.  The dogz have been watching us, they know.... despite the hot, humid temperatures, their natural internal mushing clock tells them we are just a few short weeks away from training and we simply cannot wait! We have a few Valley Snow Dogz functions and events to attend to over the next few months so they will start getting used to traveling once again, in their freshly painted truck boxes.  Besides our sled dog tours and recreation, we hope that winter is kind to us and allows us to train for some races this year.  We've lots of young dogz in harness this season, it's going to be so awesome to work with them and watch them grow.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Zola ... la la!
A vibrant and colorful pup
Big personality and a big girl!
Zola was called Phoebe but is re-named and now Zola and as of yesterday, July 18th, Zola now lives with our good friend Linda Newman from Points Unknown in Minnesota.
Zola is a great representative of Linda's Zulu line and as such, she was the perfect match for Linda's kennel. She is a spectacular puppy!
The Very Beautiful, White Feather
With deep meaning behind her name, she also represents my friendship with Linda Newman, without her, we wouldn't have any Hedlunds in our Kennel today.
Everything about White Feather is rather large and rather gorgeous. A very precious soul, deeply focussed and wonderfully snuggly

Jinty aka Litte Lidia

A fire cracker from the start, first to do anything!
Jinty is going to our good friend Nita in Alaska.
One day as I wrote to Nita and sent her a written description of Jinty,
she wrote back and said the description of Jinty reminded her of me
and so, she said she wanted to name Jinty 'Lidia'
Little Lidia is going to love her Alaska Life.

My Big Beautiful Boy, Dougie

Love LOVE love ! ..... Dougie
Everything about him is big
big feet, big body, big coat, big head
big ears, big personality... big heart
He feels like all my malamutes all rolled into one
Now, Dougie isn't a Malamute but he has that big dog spirit