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Live Free And MUSH!

Live Free And MUSH!
Valley Snow Dogz Kidz Event at Loon Mountain Resort

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gone Camping... Checkpoint Style

Great time with friends and their wonderful dogs.
We covered a lot of miles and got the dogs used to camping out
and resting the same way we would in a long distance race.
Great learning experience for all.
Couldn't have been prouder of all the dogs!

We did lots of passes, head on passes and then a few sandwich passes
in true Boot Camp style

Teams were super geed over
Proud of my leaders as they are both natural lefties !!!

Taken at the beginning of the day

Loaded up and ready!

Wishbone and Sofiel ready to get going again

Everyone was waking up
They all looked so cute and snuggly in their blankets

Hana and Tumac had to turn around to face me

Lovely friends... Christine and Sally

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Valley Snow Dogz Waterville Valley Resort Sleddog Rides

Waterville Valley is now taking bookings for our winter season sled dog rides right from the center of Waterville Valley Ski Resort. Check our the link below or call them directly on 603-236-8175 to make your booking!

Valley Snow Dogz Squam Lake Tours

Gorgeous scenic photo from last season's excursions on Squam Lake NH
We are taking bookings now for this winter season
you can email us at
or call us on 603-340-2390

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Time to 'Up' The Miles

Dogz are doing great in harness this season and we've quickly reached our goal despite a bit of delay in starting out this season due to the warmer temperatures.  The free running in our secret garden has totally helped the dogs maintain fitness which has boosted their ability to move through their early season mileage.  We love running this time of  year with the fall colors and how the leaves are highlighted as the sun goes down during an evening training run.  We have many leaders this season with some of the yearlings in training. So much fun to hook up a young team with some seasoned dogs tucked in next to the pups and watch how they teach the young ones while keeping an ear turned towards me as I assist with some instructions.  The Valley Snow Dogz are in training for what we hope will be a very cold and snowy winter for all to enjoy!

Baby Tuliq Turns 6 Months Old

She is just like her mamma Rosie
An old soul with eyes that just melt you
A spunky pup with a lot of skin to grow into!
She weighs 50lb already

Friday, September 27, 2013

Another Enjoyable Event

Another glorious day at the Thornton Historical Society Old Home Day. The dogs did so well for 4 hrs of loving, cuddles and photos.  What a fun time we all had. We met lots of new people and the dogs gained a few extra fans.  The Valley Snow Dogz comprised Rosie, Miss Squish, Dougie, Cookqiz, Sofiel and Honey Bunny Soft!

Lots of loving!

Sofiel found a true friend
they just loved each other!

Cookqiz and Honey watch the parade

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Training Is Just Around The Corner!

Finally some reliable cool temperatures.  Gear is checked and ready, harnesses washed, lines fixed... just need to get tires switched on the truck and training begins later this week. In the meantime dogs have been getting lots of time in the secret garden, charging around and really stretching out.  We are all anticipating the first few runs with sheer excitement.  The dogs only had 4 1/2 months out of harness so they should be back into it fairly quickly.  Meanwhile, the retired doggies are getting lots of playtime and walks and some of the older ones are now getting more time in the house with us thought it's sometimes too warm for them with their bigger coats. 

Our Two Beautiful Leaders.. Hana and Cookqiz

Nap Time In The Dogyard

Friday, August 9, 2013

Tuliq Turns 4 Months Old

An old soul with a mature body and the heart of a puppy
She is a Rosie clone, a spirit dog

Valley Snow Dogz Participate in SLA's 'I Love Squam Lake' Day

We really appreciated being invited to Squam Lake Association's...... 'I Love Squam Lake' Day, one of our most favorite places and also where the Valley Snow Dogz run some of their Winter tours and sled dog adventures.  We had a great afternoon talking to so many people, some familiar faces who came for a sled dog adventure last winter.  The dogz were just awesome, after a long long day on the road and a back-to-back venue experience.... we all enjoyed ourselves! We really welcomed this opportunity to be participants in this first annual event and we look forward to sharing our winter with the Squam folk and being at the event again next year!

We had some lovely young girls participate in
brushing the dogz!
Beautiful Squam Lake

I think Dougie is winking at his new friend!

Honey was being so loved and told that her coat is 'bunny soft'

 Rebecca manages to get Dougie's ears to look more like those
of a husky!

First Stop... Campton Historical Society and Old Home Day

Very fun morning for the Valley Snow Dogz who cleary became the Valley Show Dogz! We stayed for longer than we anticipated and really appreciated the constant stream of people, questions and general interest in the dogs, how we train our dogs from pups through adult, preparing for tours and the races we take part in each year.  We managed to find a shady spot for the dogs to hang out and interact with everyone.  We've had a great spring and summer with the Campton Historical Society. Absolutely wonderful people and we look forward to maybe another kennel tour from them in September.  More information on our kennel tours and availability will be posted soon.

We had some interesting visitors!

Two absolute beauties !

Three very patient girls hanging out


Monday, July 15, 2013

Summertime Kennel Tour at Valley Snow Dogz

We had a great morning with a large group of locals who were just awesome with the dogs. We started out with our usual talk and review of our equipment, training, safety and general sled dog education.  It was a pleasure to share our life with our furry family with such a wonderful group of people. Then we headed into the dogyard and secret garden so that everyone could meet the dogs, take photos and continue with their questions. 

In the Dogyard

Our lovely retired Alaskan Malamute
taking full advantage of a hug by sitting on our guests' feet!


Making New Friends!

In The Secret Garden
The dogs were running around as our guests interacted with them
but they also had lots of great questions!

Daisy... Everyone's Friend

3 months old and full of confidence
Love this picture of her and some of our wonderful guests

Monday, July 1, 2013

Beautiful Poem For Diva From Sue Putnam

Thank you Sue for your thoughtfulness....
In Memory
Author: Jan Rivers: August 14, 2006


The mountains weep, the glaciers cry,
Trees stretch with arms that hug the sky;
As leafy boughs drop tears of rain
And touch the wind that calls your name.

For grief has come to sear our hearts
As we watched you quietly depart.
But memories will ease the pain
As we touch the wind that calls your name.

We see you as the Northern nights
Explode with colors fierce and bright.
Across the tundra's rolling plain
We touch the wind that calls your name.

We hear you in the roaring seas,
In the whispers of a gentle breeze.
Your spirit with us will remain
As we touch the wind that calls your name.

We feel your presence on the trail,
In mushing dreams you forged so well.
Grace and courage carved your fame,
And we touch the wind that calls your name.

Your life, a lasting legacy,
Is etched in hearts and memories.
The lives you touched, forever changed-
And we bless the wind that calls your name.

RIP Beloved Diva

Diva 11/7/97 - 6/25/13
An outstanding Alaskan Malamute
with true grit and unstoppable determination right up to her last week of life.
A remarkable, rock solid leader, incredible spirit, devoted mother to her babies
and the most devoted companion and trustworthy being.
You will be SO missed Diva

Photo Taken During A Valley Snow Dogz Kennel Tour

Diva At Age 15

Diva in Single Lead

2005 Craftsbury VT Race
Diva in single lead with her babies behind her
(credit to the photographer)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Update From The Dogyard

It's that time of year when all of a sudden, there's a lot of work in the dogyard to be done from renewals and repairs, to brushing out dogs, clipping nails and then moving onto fixing gear, painting dog houses in the dogyard and truck boxes not to mention stripping and finishing sleds !!  Geesh...
Well, at least we're over half way through the list so that's not so bad.  The major back breaking work of painting the doggie platforms and over 14 dog houses ... DONE !

We began our season of obedience around meal times, play times and general social times.  Now it's time to get some dogs on leashes and do something a bit more formal and structured.  Just waiting for this hot and humid weather pattern to pass and then we'll begin with the youngsters.  The youngsters being Sofiel, Dougie, White Feather, Miss Squish and baby Tuliq.  Then some leader training with Pear, TJ, Honey and Sofiel ready for tours with Valley Snow Dogz and potentially some races.  All four of these youngsters lead well this past season but we kept it simple for them.  This winter they'll get to explore their capabilities a bit more so I'll work on their leader skills while walking them on leashes around our trails.

We love our large run area which has been fabulous for recall and group recall.. such fun!

Some Fun Photos Of The Dogs ... Our Furry Family

Our Adorable Hana...

Did Someone Say 'Hole?'

Our lovely Miss Squish

Honey In The Tree House
Nap Time Anyone?
The Kennel Clown ... Cookqiz!
The 'not so'  White.... Feather


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Valley Snow Dogz Latest Addition

Hard to believe that Rosie's singleton pup turns 10 weeks old!  She is a spectacular puppy, so well built and with such a fun, outgoing personality. She has the soulness of her mamma and papa and their solid pedigree of athleticism behind her.  As we train all our dogs to be snuggly house doggies too, tonight is her first night back indoors with Rosie so she can be house trained. We love bringing in a bunch of our dogs every night and having that special time with them.  They can sleep where they wish but mostly, it's always on the bed with us both.  I love the versatility of these dogs. They are as happy in harness as they are on the sofa.  These precious times together really build an incredible bond between us, unwavering trust and unconditional love.

Tuliq aka Plumpkin!

Yikes, 10 weeks old already!
Isn't she adorable?
She comes back indoors tonight for the start of her house training

Lovely Bunch Of Thank You'z

We had another great visit and welcome from
Franklin High School, the teachers and kidz
A fun talk and gathering, lots of loving of the dogz and
then we hooked up the dogz and took a lucky rider
out around the track.  We gave some two free rides away
for this coming season and ended having such a terrific time, once again!
Thanks from the Valley Snow Dogz for the lovely Thank You cards
and photographs

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Valley Snow Dogz Presentation At The Campton Historical Society

We had a really heart warming evening among a very enthusiastic audience. Many were dog lovers and had seen our truck on the road or articles in the newspapers and so, their interest was peaked to come and learn a little bit more about life with our furry family.  The evening started with us setting up outdoors with the dogz and our equipment.  We then ventured inside their beautiful and historic building for a very warm welcome.  We brought Cookqiz inside for a little light entertainment as she was very willing to give un-asked for 'high fives' last night.  We gave a lively slide show and some video of our journey over the last 20 years with sled dogz. We had some great questions to answer then the evening presentation spilled into more fun outdoors with us leaving the venue close to 9pm!  We had a full house, it was so well attended that we look forward to joining them in August for their annual Old Home Day.  With many thanks to the folk at the Campton Historical Society
A beautiful sign..
and a very beautiful and warm welcome from all that  attended
our Valley Snow Dogz presentation

Everyone had chance before and after the presentation
to come outside and meet the dogz and look at our
training rigs, racing and tour sleds