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Live Free And MUSH!

Live Free And MUSH!
Valley Snow Dogz Kidz Event at Loon Mountain Resort

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day Out With Kim And Kelly Berg

Following a long run in Sandwich Notch the previous day, Kim and Kelly invited me and the dogs to join them in a fun day out on the Dorchester trail system. They too had done a long run the previous day and shared the same goal as mine which was to do two back-to-back 35 miles runs. So that's what we did. We had a great time with Kim and Kelly and their lovely dogs. We took it turn to lead the way, stopped for hot chocolate and Rita's homemade coconut and chocolate chip delicious cookies, yum! It was much colder than the photos show and it was also snowiing for the majority of the day so it was a perfect setting for another long run.

Leaders - Rosie and Yahboo

More Friends On The Trail

It Was Colder Than It Looks!

Cookqiz And Daisy

Heading Up Scheller's Trail

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Navigating Ice Flows

The plan today was to focus on 'time on the trail' and be so concerned with miles. As it was snowing quite heavy, it was a perfect day to explore, seek adventure and spend the entire day mushing. Yahboo and Rosie ran lead but then I switched Yahboo for Cookqiz who is proving to be a very smart and trustworthy leader. She negotiated some rather nasty ice flows as we ventured slightly of the beaten path and she did a great job keeping us moving forward as we clambered over several feet of ice.

Trusty Leader, Yahboo!

Gorgeous Day To Run Through Sandwich Notch

Cookqiz Just Checking In With Me....

I guess she was wondering if I was serious.. she could see the stack of ice ahead of us.

Scrambling Over Ice Flows

Rosie and Cookqiz are in lead and more than willing to take on the challenge. As we took 'our own path' in true Uktousa style..... more adventure and less groomed trail, we encountered an area of very large ice flows stacked one ontop of the other. As you can see from the photo, Rosie is about to climb up the first chunk of ice with Cookqiz who is just to her left and in a revine between chunks of ice. It was interesting to navigate the sled over all the ice.

A Beautiful View

Heading Down The Trail As The Snow Falls

A Zen Moment

A remarkable image really, a large chunk of ice balancing ontop of a rock in the middle of the frozen river.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Will Cowie Memorial Fun Race Hill Village NH

Always a fun time and great way to prep the dogs for any upcoming races. Lots of passes and head-on passes with beginner teams and teams who are well used to racing. We had a very enjoyable couple of days. My team consisted of 8 dogs as follows:-
Lead - Yahboo and Rosie
Point - Cookqiz and Daisy
Team - Tonka and Nellie
Wheel - Lilly and Sharky-Bob
The prize giving was a lot of fun. Each musher had to bring along items that they either had no use for or had not yet been used. Each musher then picked out a prize in order of place. Almost like a Yankee Swap!

Day One Heading To The Finish Line

Dogs were really running well..... I didn't want the run to end!

Heading Down The Trail

Heading To The Finish Line On Day Two

The run back was fun and fast. The dogs look happy and ever so cute in their red bandanas, now becoming our signature accessory! We had some really nice passes with Sue Bain's team. Both teams seemed to really enjoy the passes.
Day One 12.5 miles in 1hr 7 minutes
Day Two 12/5 miles in 1ht 9 minutes
Two very competitive and consistent times for Team Uktousa.

Hana and Tumac's First Race!

One mile out and back fun puppy race at the of the two-day Will Cowie Memorial Race. After exchanging a few puppy kisses with Kim and Kelly Berg's puppy team, we were off! Such a lot of fun. They did so well leading themselves back to the finish line without a seasoned leader infront of them. They proudly took First Place!

Post Race Slumber

Hana's favorite place to sleep, slightly tucked underneath our bed but still able to keep an eye on things around here.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Holiday Mush With Hubby On A Tandem Sled

Within the first mile along Sandwich Notch Road, we encountered our second and rather large fallen tree. I had my saw with me and so, we set about sawing the obstruction and making it safe for our return decent. It was good to have Richard with me as I could delegate the task!

Our Most Favorite View In Sandwich Notch

Right infront of the Crowley house, the snow was coming in and dusk was upon us. Such a beautiful setting. With the low clouds you cannot see the spectacular mountains in the background. From the visible grass, we still need more snow.... but that's coming and is doing so as I type!

Heading Along The Trail At Dusk

Along the Sandwich Notch Trail at dusk. Just a few weeks ago I ran into two moose, not something you really want to experience by dog team but as this has happened to us multiple, multiple times.... I hate to say 'we are getting used to it'. Mother moose came out of the woods directly infront of my leaders and waited. Then out came a rather large baby moose who was startled by my team and ran down the trail. Sandwiched between both mother and baby moose, I had to make the decision to pull the hooks and chase the baby into the woods and hope that mommy moose would then head into the woods too. That's exactly what happened.
Anyway, we saw lots of moose prints but at least I wasn't alone this evening.

A Rare Photo Opportunity

Taking outside the Crowley House on Sandwich Notch Road... Richard leaves his tandem sled to take a shot of yours truly. This is one of our most favorite places.

Tandem Hubby

The last few winters, Richard has been able to come along with us and ride a tandem sled. He likes doing that as he gets to run a lot with the team and work on his own personal fitness in preparation for his skiing. Plus, it gives my 10 dogs in harness a heck of a workout pulling the two of us, my loaded sled, through the mountainous terrain of Sandwich Notch and similar areas.

Converting Old Truck Boxes Into Play Area Boxes

We took my old truck boxes and chopped them up into doubles and removed the central divider so that two or three dogs could snuggle together. It worked! Dogs love it. Filed with straw, they pile in together. Seeing three of my big Mals together is adorable.... haven't taken a picture of that yet.

Hana! Squeezes In With Rosie

She is just so stunning, for a young dog she has the look of an old soul.

Rosie Snuggles In The New Play Area Box

Her favorite place to be, until the rest of the Hedlunds try to join her!

Tumac Tries To Join The Girls

I guess there's no room in the box for Tumac !!

Saying Farewell To Tisha

Tisha had not been too well over the last couple of years. She was diagnosed with immuno-acid syndrome and most recently pancreatic/enzyme issues. I highly suspect this was spiked by giardia a few years ago and perhaps she was pre-disposed to it then escalating into something more serious. We spent many, many weeks over the 2 years hand feeding her, treating her both holistically and conventionally. Tisha kept make an amzing effort to return to normal, she did come back one last time from sickness to running again in harness this past Fall. That was truly a gift of joy and a blessing to see her once again in harness. Tisha never gave less than 100%. A small peanut of a Malamute at only 45lb, but she was a constant 45lb her entire life. This was Tisha..... always predictable, always 100% giving, always committed and always wanting to run and run again... and run some more! In obedience class she was amazing off leash, never leaving my side, always giving me her very best. She WAS really a very unassuming but remarkable little dog. We adopted Tisha at the age of two, she was a wild thing, taking much of my time to convince her that good manners and paying attention would really be fun!! In true Tisha style, she got it and then some....... such a darling dog. Tisha left us on Christmas Eve, December 24th 2009. We miss you!