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Live Free And MUSH!

Live Free And MUSH!
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mamma Belly

We are just a few hrs, maybe a day or so, away from having Daisy's litter of furry wee angels. She is huge, her beautiful furless belly is so pronounced and she seems very proud of it. She is in the house now, getting ready for her little ones. Love her belly. She sleeps on the bed between me and Richard and I often fall asleep with my arm wrapped around her belly. Such precious moments.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

At Last!

Finally able to load up early and leave for the north country. It was all or nothing.... me and Richard and all the dogs including my three retired dogs. Wasn't sure if we would manage it as I certainly didn't want to stress the older dogs. But they were up for it and so, off we went! I made the most of being able to simply focus on running dogs and not have to divide my time between work, chores, housework, grocery shopping, laundry and you know... everything that goes into a day. We managed to get a lot of miles under our paws and also try our hand at a check-point routine of run/rest, sleeping on straw, snacking etc etc. It was liberating and food for the soul. What a gift!

Moose Travels In The Cab

Almost 14 years old, Mr Moose is still up for adventure and travel. He rode with me and shared a bagel on the way up. Happy boy!

Beautiful Nellie

Very hard driving dog. Time for her to be in lead this season. She is sister to Daisy who is due to have babies any day now.

My Trusty Leaders Yahboo and Rosie

Another Beautiful Sunrise

Taking The Old Dogs With Us

Uncle Biffa just turned 11 years old. He is my sweetie. A soft and mild mannered Malamute who can be with any dog, name it! Sadly, he is not doing so well, but for now, he is happy and eating well.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear Uncle Biffa

Richard Loving The Dogs As We Take A Breakn

Here's My Boy!

Love him to pieces. Great lead pair so far this season. Yahboo seems to love working with him.

Checking Over The Team

A Good Workout

Plowing through brush and long grass, great workout as the dogs have to use different muscles, almost the same as going through deep snow in the winte

Nellie and Hana

I can't wait to get these two girls up front!


Also known as "Ginger Monkey Face"

Just Switched Leaders

Switched Rosie for Hana

Hana Takes Her Turn In Lead With Yahboo

A natural transition for Hana. Didn't both her in the slightest to be infront of a big team, take commands and venture down new trails. She looks fabulous up front next to Yahboo with her carmel colored coat and Yahboo's black coat. What a stunning looking pair of girlies. A little eye candy perhaps for you boy doggies out there :)

Some Awesome Pulling

A little bushwhacking through some rugged terrain. Richard got off the ATV and took this shot. Tumac, who is pulling hard right in the photo, is an amazing puller and turning out to be and equally amazing dog. He has been leading and taking commands. He still has a bit more to learn as he matures, it will all come together quite nicely. I love Rosie's strong feet!

The End Of A Great Day Of Running

Watching the sun go down as we head indoors for a bite to eat.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

More Twuk Art

The Pack Has Spoken

After the sad loss of Rosie's litter, I really wasn't going to attempt another breeding until next year. However, I sat in the dogyard one morning and watched the girls in heat interact with Tumac through the chainlink fence. All but one were really not giving anything away to Tumac and Rosie clearly was telling me that she wasn't interested in a second breeding at this time. As I sat, I saw Daisy really taking advantage of this opening and she ventured towards Tumac in the flirtiest of ways. I did this for a couple of days to make sure I wasn't imagining the girls in heat shuffling Daisy into the arms of Tumac (oh that sounds so romantic). Linda called me and asked what I had decided, was I going to try Daisy and Tumac. She offered to stay on the phone whilst I let Daisy and Tumac interact to see if they were interested. So I agreed, Linda stayed on the phone as I opened the kennel gate into the play area where Tumac was. Well, I didn't even make it to close the gate behind me that they were instantly tied. Boom! Done deal. Linda was screaming down the phone "what's happening" I screamed back "They're doing it, they're doing it" !!!! "No way" she said "Yes way" I said....... that was is. The pack had spoken.

We have since had Daisy palpated and there are at least 4 pups!! She ran in harness for the first few weeks but is now basking in the joy of motherhood. The babies are due November 26th. Thanksgiving babies and I do feel very thankful.

The Season So Far...

Despite a bit of a different run/rest schedule than last season, we are on target for our season goals and the dogs are actually settling into distance a bit sooner then previous years, so all is working well. We do have our hearts set on a couple of races, but there are many things for us to consider once again this season, but however things turn out... we are aiming for our goals!

Biffa just turned 11 years old and is still a loving, sweet boy. I so love him. However, his body is failing him and each day that goes by, takes a little more away from him. I'm having to walk him pretty much with a belly strap to help support his rear. He can get around most of the time without support but not so well. He is still in with all his girls, goodness... they adore him and snuggle with him. Actually, the biggest snuggler with Biffa is Tumac who is anything but a girl! They are such nurturing souls.