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Live Free And MUSH!

Live Free And MUSH!
Valley Snow Dogz Kidz Event at Loon Mountain Resort

Sunday, October 29, 2017

2 yr old Chimbey (Miss Squish x Gunsmoke)

Another 'WOW' for this sweet beauty
She is as big and as strong as her brother Jackson
All four pups are amazing athletes, super smart
with great coats and feet
She has the best of both parents and both lines
multiplied by 10 !

2yr Old Driggs (Miss Squish x Gunsmoke)

He is turning out to be the most outstanding leader
Sweet, gentle, super driven, quiet and devoted
what an outstanding litter of pups!
All four are upcoming superstar leaders

Two Of Our Powerhouses!

Just a remarkable, devoted athlete and companion
He is in fabulous shape this season and will soon be
turning 7yrs old, TJ is so sweet and so very strong

Big and muscular, like TJ.. he is in amazing shape
already this season. Such a gentle sweet soul
who gives his best 100% of the time
He lives with Miss Squish's and Gunsmoke's babies as
he thinks they are his and has raised them since being
8wks old

Nellie and Daisy 'The Mitten Twins'

These beauties are now 10 yrs old
Nellie is retired but Daisy is still running and
running really well

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Senior Losses

We experienced the loss of a number of our seniors as we headed into the Fall of 2016.  It was a very difficult and sad time for us.  As a forever home for our sled pets, we experience the cycle of life from raising them as puppies and watching them bloom into amazing dogs and athletes. We then spend hours upon hours together each and every day. We train and run our dogs ourselves and as all of them are house trained, they take it in turn to be in the house with us each and every night. We sleep together, eat together , work together and play together.  So when we lose one of our furry family members, it is indeed a heavy loss to us all.  We lost Tiger-Lilly, then Washakie developed a fast growing cancerous tumor on his leg and only had weeks left with us.  Both Lilly and Washakie needed assistance to move around towards the end. We held and carried them and reassured them of our love and commitment to them.  No sooner had we said our good-byes to Lilly and Washakie, we then said a painful good-bye to Zudnik. Zudnik was 15 yrs old, he was still in amazing good health until his last few weeks.  He leaves behind one remaining sibling, Tonka, who is almost 16 years old and is still able to walk around, he eats well and loves very short walks and being in with a bunch of girls.  Tonka is our last remaining physical link to our very first sled dog, Sasquatch, when our journey first began.....

Our Beloved Washakie and Zudnik

Washakie, such a beautiful  Alaskan Malamute who left us too soon

Zudnik left us at age 15, he was in good health and spirits up until the last few weeks of his life. Such a beautiful and gentle Alaskan Malamute

A Little Update From Uktousa...

Beautiful, powerful and super sweet, Jackson. Can't wait to see him in lead

Bindhi is as big as TJ now and just as hard working

Gunsmoke, devoted, hard work and just an all round amazing dog

Honey, rock solid sled dog

Nellie enjoying retirement, she continues to be beautiful

Our beloved Tumac, sweet ,sensitive soul and a powerhouse in harness

Yearling Driggs, sibling to Jackson. Super sweet and hard working. Already running lead

Me, Richard and our best friends Kim and Kelly

Best friends forever... Miss Squish and Gunsmoke

Living the dream!