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Live Free And MUSH!

Live Free And MUSH!
Valley Snow Dogz Kidz Event at Loon Mountain Resort

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

First Annual Valley Snow Fest

The First Annual Valley Snow Fest took place this past Sunday, December 2nd.  Organized by the Waterville Valley Region Chamber of Commerce, everyone met at the Campton Info Center for a wagon ride to Rocky River Ranch.  Despite the rain, we had a good crowd, lovely food, a bonfire and the event was in full swing.  For a couple of hours, Valley Snow Dogz gave  sled dog rides around the fun, twisty trail at the Ranch.  Folk could meet and greet the dogz at the trucks and enjoy learning a little about what we do.  The dogz didn't care about the rain and neither did the guests. The sled dog rides were a bit hit and each round of rides had passengers.  Food was provided by the Campton Cupboard, Silver Fox Inn and the Ranch.  It was just excellent and we can't wait for next year. The event will grow each year and we already have thoughts and ideas for the next one.  Thank you to everyone who came out to support the community and local businesses.

2013 Annual Waterville Valley Santa Run

As always, the minute we arrive in Waterville for our Annual Fund Raising Santa Event, winter arrives with a freezing cold blustery wind and snow!
We had a warm welcome from the town and an amazing crowd to welcome Santa, his Elves and Sled Dogz.  The crowd stayed around the trucks and dogz for at least two hours, asking lots of fun questions and interacting with both teams of dogz.  Another really fun event at Waterville Valley.
We were very proud of the Valley Snow Dogz, they did an awesome job and were so calm and well behaved, well done doggies and well done to everyone involved who helped make this fund raising event a huge success!
We look forward to next year.

Both ATV's were nicely decorated

Our very favorite Law Enforcement Officer

Lottie from Team Kelim
and she really is a whole lotta dog!

Funny picture of Rosie
she looks like she's wearing a napkin
and about to eat dinner!

Heading off the road and onto the dirt trail

Bringing Santa into the Town Square
Both teams stood patiently for quite some time!

There was quite a crowd around the Valley Snow Dogz
Team Uktousa and Team Kelim

Happy Birthday Beautiful Diva

15 years young!
An amazing lead dog and mamma