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Live Free And MUSH!

Live Free And MUSH!
Valley Snow Dogz Kidz Event at Loon Mountain Resort

Monday, July 15, 2013

Summertime Kennel Tour at Valley Snow Dogz

We had a great morning with a large group of locals who were just awesome with the dogs. We started out with our usual talk and review of our equipment, training, safety and general sled dog education.  It was a pleasure to share our life with our furry family with such a wonderful group of people. Then we headed into the dogyard and secret garden so that everyone could meet the dogs, take photos and continue with their questions. 

In the Dogyard

Our lovely retired Alaskan Malamute
taking full advantage of a hug by sitting on our guests' feet!


Making New Friends!

In The Secret Garden
The dogs were running around as our guests interacted with them
but they also had lots of great questions!

Daisy... Everyone's Friend

3 months old and full of confidence
Love this picture of her and some of our wonderful guests

Monday, July 1, 2013

Beautiful Poem For Diva From Sue Putnam

Thank you Sue for your thoughtfulness....
In Memory
Author: Jan Rivers: August 14, 2006


The mountains weep, the glaciers cry,
Trees stretch with arms that hug the sky;
As leafy boughs drop tears of rain
And touch the wind that calls your name.

For grief has come to sear our hearts
As we watched you quietly depart.
But memories will ease the pain
As we touch the wind that calls your name.

We see you as the Northern nights
Explode with colors fierce and bright.
Across the tundra's rolling plain
We touch the wind that calls your name.

We hear you in the roaring seas,
In the whispers of a gentle breeze.
Your spirit with us will remain
As we touch the wind that calls your name.

We feel your presence on the trail,
In mushing dreams you forged so well.
Grace and courage carved your fame,
And we touch the wind that calls your name.

Your life, a lasting legacy,
Is etched in hearts and memories.
The lives you touched, forever changed-
And we bless the wind that calls your name.

RIP Beloved Diva

Diva 11/7/97 - 6/25/13
An outstanding Alaskan Malamute
with true grit and unstoppable determination right up to her last week of life.
A remarkable, rock solid leader, incredible spirit, devoted mother to her babies
and the most devoted companion and trustworthy being.
You will be SO missed Diva

Photo Taken During A Valley Snow Dogz Kennel Tour

Diva At Age 15

Diva in Single Lead

2005 Craftsbury VT Race
Diva in single lead with her babies behind her
(credit to the photographer)