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Live Free And MUSH!

Live Free And MUSH!
Valley Snow Dogz Kidz Event at Loon Mountain Resort

Monday, April 30, 2012

Last Week Of Running?

This might well be our last week running unless we get some cooler temperatures again here in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Cookqiz has just a couple of weeks to go before the impending birth of her puppies.  Great timing as we will have lots of time to snuggle and raise the little ones before training starts up again as we head towards another season of Valley Snow Dogz sled dog excursions.  She is looking great, a little roundness to her belly which also seems to have dropped, but she doesn't look big at this point.  She seems aware I think of her state of being and is taking things nice and easy in the dogyard.  Slowly she'll be coming in the house more and more and settling into her whelping box, I hope.... though when Daisy mamma was having babies she really wanted them on the sofa!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Should Be Muddy!

In one  way we are grateful for dry trails so training is not so muddy this spring, but the trail is hard and dusty.  Mushing in New Hampshire seems to take on a different look at each part of the season.  Our Fall training was almost always experienced in the rain or at least with very muddy trails.  Didn't stop the dogs from barking up a storm and howling with glee.  Then the winter Sled Dog excursions in Waterville Valley finally got underway with a decent snow base and the frequent snow flurries and cold temperatures kept things moving along quite nicely.  Then winter left us early and our sled dog excursions came to a halt, but because of the lack of snow, mud season didn't hang around too long and so we were back up and mushing again.  We are keeping the dogs running and working on new leaders for next season's Sled Dog adventures in the glorious White Mountains

Sofiel's First Run In Harness

We had a terrific afternoon with Brock Groombridge, the Adventure Coach from   Brock was making a tour of New Hampshire and the folk from New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism Development ( asked us to be part of his tour and to host him.  So we did.  Brock was a natural with the dogs.  We spent quite a lot of time in the dogyard and a lot time talking dogs, mushing, travel and blogging.  We just didn't want Brock and his mother to leave so we made sure to pass along an invitation to come visit us again soon.  Hopefully next time the temperature will be favorable for a sled dog excursion with Brock!  Check out his post on FB  What a gifted and remarkable young man!  We loved Brock !

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sofiel At Almost 8 Months

Here's my peanut. she's a cute and built like a tank!  Love her to pieces, okay.. so I love them all to pieces.  She's a little star and loved by everyone.  Smart little monkey. Very playful and totally devoted.  Her preference is to be carried whenever possible and of course, I oblige .She's an awesome pup from Alaska.  She's a Bassich Husky with amazing blue eyes.  She'll be ready for her role on the team and also with The Valley Snow Dogz in Waterville Valley and other White Mountain Adventures.
Sofie learns some trail manners by sharing a bowl of water with Daisy.  My two lovely huskies, both from Alaska from pretty awesome lines.
Righty?  Lefty?  Righty?  who knows, time will tell for Sofie. But she did end up running back on the left side of the gangline.  Her she is next to her mamma, Daisy.
By Mile 2 Sofie was running like an adult, quite happy in the middle of the team and alongside her buddies.  It was like having Tisha back with us.  Tisha was peanut with a big desire to run and pull. She was a remarkable Malamute and we miss her.  I know that Sofie is going to be leading before too long as she is confident little soul and a curious one at that!