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Live Free And MUSH!

Live Free And MUSH!
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Fab Six-Dog Team

Yahboo and Rosie lead on the way out and then I switched and placed Cookqiz infront with Rosie for the return journey. Tumac and Hana were at wheel and then there was Nellie of course who has earned her way to the front of the team next season, actually, starting this spring when the ATV comes out. She has been a driving force and a gas pedal from within the team.
I had no idea just how fast we were going but, clearly, much faster than I had anticipated. I had told Richard to get to the race around 12:15'ish anticipating coming in around then or later...... when I crossed the finish line, Richard was nowhere to be seen. He was bringing a puppy with him so I wondered if he had gone for a hike instead with Pear. I asked Peg if she had seen Richard !!! She said "No" .... "You told him to get her after midday". She then said "Do you know what time it is" (as I crossed the finish line and came to a halt for a bag check). I said "No, I have no idea what time it is" Peg said " It's only 11:30" "You are over 40 minutes faster than you thought you would be". "Oh" I said. Feeling a little surprised but knowing we had experienced some pretty decent training runs, we placed 8th overall which was an astonishing finish. Richard arrived on time and was quite bummed to have missed us crossing over the finish, oh well.... Pear was with him. She is so gorgeous. We had a fun day with friends, Caroline and Andy were there and so were Hugh and Judy from Scotland, always a treat to be in their company. Kim, Kelly and Rob and Louise. Such a great day. We stayed all afternoon to support the other racers who had yet to finish and of course, the 45 milers who came in after the 20 milers. Then off to the awards ceremony with Kim and Kelly. We had a fun time sitting in the front of their truck waiting for the doors to open, chatting about the trail, the course and of course, the dogs.
OH !! And the biggest joy was receiving my gorgeous custom made and gifted sled bag from Andy Bartleet and Caroline Blair-Smith. Wow, is it gorgeous. I can tell ya... that bag turns a few heads!!!