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Live Free And MUSH!

Live Free And MUSH!
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Pack Has Spoken

After the sad loss of Rosie's litter, I really wasn't going to attempt another breeding until next year. However, I sat in the dogyard one morning and watched the girls in heat interact with Tumac through the chainlink fence. All but one were really not giving anything away to Tumac and Rosie clearly was telling me that she wasn't interested in a second breeding at this time. As I sat, I saw Daisy really taking advantage of this opening and she ventured towards Tumac in the flirtiest of ways. I did this for a couple of days to make sure I wasn't imagining the girls in heat shuffling Daisy into the arms of Tumac (oh that sounds so romantic). Linda called me and asked what I had decided, was I going to try Daisy and Tumac. She offered to stay on the phone whilst I let Daisy and Tumac interact to see if they were interested. So I agreed, Linda stayed on the phone as I opened the kennel gate into the play area where Tumac was. Well, I didn't even make it to close the gate behind me that they were instantly tied. Boom! Done deal. Linda was screaming down the phone "what's happening" I screamed back "They're doing it, they're doing it" !!!! "No way" she said "Yes way" I said....... that was is. The pack had spoken.

We have since had Daisy palpated and there are at least 4 pups!! She ran in harness for the first few weeks but is now basking in the joy of motherhood. The babies are due November 26th. Thanksgiving babies and I do feel very thankful.