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Live Free And MUSH!

Live Free And MUSH!
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Friday, November 27, 2009

A Lovely Thanksgiving Day

Okay, so the 'loo' on wheels has nothing to do with mushing, but as my equipment is slowly deteriorating, I'm wondering if this is how I might end up running dogs !!!! As I get older... hey, it might not be such a bad idea!

I spent most of the day cooking. A nice roast chicken with potatoes and veggies for me and Richard, along with some butternut squash and cinnamon buns for desert. Then I cooked up some sweet potato and chicken for Tisha, in the crockpot and meanwhile, there was a pot of chicken stew and rice on the boil for the rest of the dogs. After we all feasted on some good home cooking, we loaded up the dogs and set off for a long, evening run with the ATV.

It was one of those thick pea-soup nights. I knew it was going to be so foggy at Hill so I was glad hubby was with me. As we set off I heard a 'clunk', not a sound I had heard before. I pulled over and Richard checked the truck and trailer and couldn't see anything unusual. Off we went but still, I knew I heard something irregular. When we got to Hill, I walked to the back of the truck and saw that the arm of the trailer, nearest the trailer bed, was sinking in a 'v' shape. The ATV was pointing nose down to the ground instead of being parallel to the ground. When we looked, the arm was almost detached from the trailer bed! All that really held it together was the wiring for the lights. We were lucky to make it to Hill without losing the trailer and ATV.

Pea soup was indeed the way it was out there. Probably the most fog I've seen in a long time. Whatleigh and I used to freak out in it last season, barely knowing where we were some of the time as we bush-wacked the fields and other times, laughing when we could see each other but we would only be a few feet apart.

After running the dogs, Richard then managed to bungee and chain the bed of the trailer to the arm and then to the truck so that we could make the trip home. I now have a bungeed ATV (holding the steering in place) and a bungeed trailer!!!!!

Despite these humble circumstances, running dogs continues and somehow, we manage to just simply just make it work!