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Live Free And MUSH!

Live Free And MUSH!
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our Season So Far

Winter has come a little early. Mornings are frigid and the early evenings are cold too. Training is under way and has been since the 1st September. Dogs are really doing good this season with a quick return to fitness and a desire to be on the trail as much as possible. Their keeness being spiked by the colder than normal days and the fact that 'daddy' seems to want to come along too.

Uktousa sees the retirement of two dogs this season leaving us with 11 dogs in harness, 3 retirees and 2 puppies in waiting..... waiting to be sled dogs. For now, they remain bed dogs.... that's right, they spend every night in bed with me (us). The perfect way to raise happy, lovable dogs :0)

Most of our training is done at night, we are so used to it now that it feels almost more normal than running during the day. It's just a little more costly as I'm going through so many batteries.
Watching the sun set and catching the last glimmer of light on brightly colored leaves has just been magical. There is never a run that I don't think to myself how lucky I am to have this activity in my life and the companionship of such devoted and remarkable animals.

I don't know what we will achieve in terms of race goals this season. The economy is having an affect on us and so, emphasis is on adventure for now, but we have a very serious and committed approach to our training in keeping with what might have been our race goals..... just incase things change for us and we can indeed consider a couple of races and share the trails with our friends for some fun competition along the way.

As we are ontop of our goals so far despite my personal setback of 'flu', I know the dogs will be ready for some longer distances this winter of over 50 miles or so, whether just for our own enjoyment or in preparation for a designated race. Either way, you can bet we will simply enjoy our time together, everything else will be a bonus!