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At Valley Snow Dogz, we offer Fall Wheeled Sled Dog Rides, along with Winter Sled Tours in Waterville Valley Resort, Thornton, On Squam Lake and in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Servicing special events at Loon Mtn Resort. Available for groups, gatherings, events, celebrations or simply for the love of it!

An authentic, memorable sled dog experience based right in the heart of The White Mountains. Please call 603-340-2390 for more information. Valley Snow Dogz....Creating memories for families, groups and anyone who has a burning desire to experience a sled dog adventure

A bucket list dog sledding adventure here in New Hampshire !

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Live Free And MUSH!

Live Free And MUSH!
Valley Snow Dogz Kidz Event at Loon Mountain Resort

Valley Snow Dogz

VALLEY SNOW DOGZ  Sled Dog Rides, Tours and Excursions.  Mushing adventures by daylight, twilight and moonlight.  Operating out of  Waterville Valley, Sugar Shack in Thornton and on Squam Lake, nestled in the White Mountains of  New Hampshire.

Touring scenic trails with snow covered trees with nothing but the silence of the outdoors, your guides and the company of a few furry friends.  Our sled dogz are family raised and loved.

During the non-snowy months and depending on temperature and conditions, we offer Wheeled Sled Dog Rides and  Kennel Tours.  We are also available to travel for Presentations, Talks and Events.  CALL 603-340-2390 for more information!  Wheeled rides and tours will operate during the Spring and Fall.  Kennel Tours are subject to conditions and temperature. 

We highly recommend you call ahead to make your reservations or to get more information.  We have several tour options available along with the ability to customize your tour.  Please check out our website at for more information.

FALL 2016 - We will begin our Fall Wheeled 'Sled Dog Training' Rides in October. A great way to see how we train up our teams ready for this winter's tours and races. A fun experience while learning how we get our teams ready for the winter.   For more information, please go to our website or call us! This is a great venue for groups and parties ! Most of our wheeled tours run at the end of the day when the temperatures cool off .

A Little History On Valley Snow Dogz
After several years of bringing Santa into the Town Square and watching the event grow from strength to strength and the crowds gather around Santa's furry Reindeers or rather his sled dogs..... Waterville Valley asked us to participate with them in providing a unique and magical experience of an old tradition of travel which was once seen on the valley floor.  So,Valley Snow Dogz was born.  This has been in the making for a considerable length of time, how wonderful to finally see it take off!

With the gorgeous backdrop scenery of Waterville Valley, our sled dogs will provide a unique and unforgetable experience of touring the trails by dog team.   Nestled in the White Mountains, Waterville Valley has experienced sled dogs many times over from teams that ran the valley floor back when the old Hotel was in existence, to the many years of Santa being brought in by dog team along with several races which we also organized at Waterville Valley just a few years ago.  It's so great to a part of a great community.

For the last 20 years I have spent so much time in the town of Waterville, at the local sports center teaching, hiking the trails and generally being a part of the community.  How wonderful for the town to embrace our sled dogs and to welcome us as part of the many activities that can now be enjoyed by skiers, boarders, nordic skiers, town folk, locals from surrounding areas as well as the many visitors from Boston, New York, Canada and abroad.  We so look forward to giving everyone a taste of mushing as participants tour the valley floor, experiencing life on the runners of hand crafted sleds and most of all, the love and joy of life with sled dogs.

Valley Snow Dogz is proud to work with Kelim Siberians.  A wonderful kennel of Siberian Huskies operated by Kim and Kelly Berg. 

Together we will be dog sledding in Waterville Valley right in the the heart of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, on Squam Lake and at the Sugar Shack in Thornton as well as servicing Special Events at Loon Mtn Resort.  Please contact us directly for more information as the season unfolds.

For  information about our excursions in Waterville Valley, please go to  For Waterville Valley Bookings, please call 603-236-8175

For information on other locations and ride/tour options for Fall and Winter, please visit our website  or contact us directly at 603-340-2390

For Kennel Tours, Presentations and all other inquiries, please call 603-340-2390

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